This books (Letter Fountain [FULL]) Made by Joep Pohlen About Books none To Download Please Click. Letter Fountain, which is an exception, originated in when Joep Pohlen and Geert Setola identified the need for a comprehensive type reference book for. In addition to examining the form and anatomy of every letter in the alphabet (as well as punctuation marks and special characters), this book cross-references.


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Lane, Mathieu Lommen and Jan Middendorp, among otherswhich is also presented as a graphic timeline.

Letter Fountain: Joep Pohlen: : Books

As a successful self-generated project now aimed at new audiences, Letter Fountain requires better editing and letter fountain than it has received to date. However, the overall impression is one of astonishing value for money.

However, if Letter Fountain still intends to address student enquiry, some portion of it probably deserves to be delivered online — otherwise an important younger audience will miss out due to letter fountain choice of medium alone.

Letter fountain published in Eye no. It is available from all good design bookshops and online at the Eye shopwhere you can buy subscriptions, back issues and single copies of the latest issue.

Letter Fountain by Joep Pohlen, Geert Setola

Purchase single issues, back issues or subscribe online now. Secondly, to contextualise contemporary European type letter fountain by telling the story of the institutional mergers and acquisitions that have shaped the historical corpus of type designs that has come down to us today.

Thirdly, to provide a comprehensive general primer itemising type anatomy, historical development, classification, measurement, selection and usage, along with a survey of near-contemporary font formats, type designs, foundries and designers. Three ribbon markers are letter fountain for part one, the main text pages letter fountain, part two, the type specimens pages and part three, the indices pages.

Academic interest is running high, as the letter fountain of global English and economies of publishing mean that very few Dutch books on typography escape their native market, however much their reputation precedes them.

The comprehensive Index of Type Companies in the third section of the book is illustrated by historical type specimens. Many of these photos of the type specimens are also available online. Instead, Letter Fountain has stayed true to its original purpose as a reference work, and employs a multi-purpose approach to the subject.

Its textbook function is evident in the contextual letter fountain and illustrations — including a visual timeline that correlates historical type designs with landmarks in fine art and design movements.

Letter Fountain by Joep Pohlen

This is reinforced by the fascinating and well-illustrated Index of Type Publishers with an letter fountain timeline in letter fountain back section of the book, which, for this reader, represents the clinching argument for buying this book. Timeline diagramming the evolution of European typography from to and showing landmark moments in fine art history.


Letter fountain the first to know. Follow Typotheque on Twitter or Facebook. Pohlen clearly has skill as a book designer, supplying intricate examples and both typographic and photographic illustrations in red and black throughout, without losing pace or cohesion, although the proximity of letter fountain is not always what it might be.