LEGO set database: Super Street Sensation. Sensation; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme: Technic; Year released: ; Tags: Car. Lego is a classic building toy that allows maximization of a child's imagination. The Supercar line of Technic models today lack some of the attention to detail that. Download official LEGO® building instructions online for , Super Car, LEGO Technic and get building fast!


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Click the image to download the LDraw file of this model. Whereas each previous supercar had built upon the previous, adding more and more accurate lego technic 8448, in this case the progress went a different direction.

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Functionally, lost 4-wheel steering and all-wheel drive as compared to lego technic 8448 It gained a couple more gears in the transmission, but the real novelty was the styling. The earliest supercars such as had no styling at all. Beginning at and continuing tothere was an increasingly complex body built from Technic bricks.

The body was now lego technic 8448 from curved panels, ribbed hoses, and flexible axles.

In nearly no cases were any of those parts straight. So rather lego technic 8448 the "faceted" look ofthe look was now more "swoopy". Even so, the vast majority of the shape was only hinted at, with most of the external surface being empty space.

Even though the focus changed, that lego technic 8448 not to say that this is not a functional model. It still has a V-8 engine, a rear differential, a 5-speed gearbox with reverse, 4-wheel independent suspension, working steering, and a damping system that can be used for either a convertible top or gull wing doors.

Motorization could also be added with a supplemental set. The company pulled out all the stops on the packaging as well.

This is lego technic 8448 the most complex packaging ever used in a Technic set.

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The large box had thick side walls and a top panel that flipped open. Inside was a plastic tray which organized 8 different lego technic 8448 boxes and the wheels and tires.

Each box contained a module such as front suspension or engine.


Each module can be built separately and then combined together at the end. The instructions are also without peer. The manual is truly massive at pages divided into lego technic 8448 volumes.

The first volume contains the instructions for the chassis, and the second for the various body options.


Not lego technic 8448 does it contain full instructions for both the main model and a variant, but it also contains partial instructions for 4 other models: Each of these subsequent models builds upon the main chassis and includes instructions for the functional components of the alternate model.

The final lego technic 8448 details are shown in a single picture but without instruction. However, at the time there was a program called BIT building instruction tool through which photographic instructions for these details could be downloaded.


Sadly, lego technic 8448 software has long since passed into obscurity so the only way to access these instructions is to find someone who saved a copy since like me. This model introduced a lot of new parts including curved panels, flexible axles, double bevel gears, steering hubs, dampers, wheels and tires.

Lego Technic Super Street Sensation (8448)

Apart from the wheels, tires, and hubs all of these parts would become standard in the future. Some of the red flexible and solid axles included in this set have become very lego technic 8448.

Features Complexity and Variability Lego technic 8448 is an incredibly versatile model. The instructions first show how to build the chassis which includes the gearbox, suspension, and steering. Everything is modular with the frame, the engine, the front suspension, the rear suspension, and the transmission all being separate modules.