How To Refill a Laser Toner Cartridge. Shhh There's a secret that printer manufacturers don't want you to know: You can refill toner cartridges 2 to 3 times. Find the best new laser printer for you from a 'refill friendly' point of view. Impartial test lab results from the inventors of the DIY toner refill. In business since , ReChargX® premium print toner cartridges and toner refill kits are available for laser printers, plain paper fax machines and plain paper.


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Samsung original prices Source: The Mnd has kept us going when other printers literally bit the dust.

How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

A no-brainer if you're "whackin' the black" in semi-production quantities. Didn't make the cut Samsung CLP We might have just been unlucky with laser printer toner refilling machine, but this is a page of recommendations based on our experience.

And on our experience, we can't recommend it. Don't waste your money. Strong runner-up to the Mnd. As something to refill yourself, forget about it.

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The combined effect of "chips with everything" and "tiny waste compartment syndrome" really thins out the runners and riders. None of my top five picks necessitated the use of micro chips for successful refilling when we used the printers in our lab. The Brothers don't expose you to waste overflow issues because the waste collection isn't part of the toner cartridge.

The waste compartment on the M cartridge won't need to be emptied this side of 3 refills. All recommendations are based on our experience of refilling the printer in the lab and while printing our own stuff laser printer toner refilling business I've named and shamed the worst offenders plenty of times in the last 25 years.

I've offered to publish responses from manufacturers and withdraw my comments laser printer toner refilling appropriate.


Such refill chains offer services for customers to bring their empty toner cartridge and have it refilled on site or exchanges laser printer toner refilling a ready filled toner cartridge.

Toner Remanufacturing Similar to refilling, with the exception that not only is new toner added to a cartridge, but parts that ordinarily wear out are also reviewed laser printer toner refilling replaced as required. Toner cartridges cannot be refilled indefinitely, because mechanical parts such as rollers wear out.

Some cartridges include the electro-optical drum, which becomes depleted and can be scratched. Organizations refilling cartridges for resale usually clean and test each cartridge to ensure that it is fit for reuse and resale.

Best laser printers for refilling | U Refill Toner

While several sources offer empty inkjet cartridges to be refilled[ citation needed ], brand new empty Laser printer toner refilling laser cartridges are not easily found. Also, some models of laser print engines, like most inkjet printers, communicate with "chips" or fuses inside the toner cartridge which indicate that the cartridge is exhausted, whether or not it actually is.

Hold it from a white portion gear and pull it in the direction instructed. This is how the laser toner cartridge will look after plugging out the drum unit: Now you need to plug-out PCR roller as shown below: Laser printer toner refilling step is to separate the waste unit and ink unit, which are joined together with the help of pins.


So you have to take out the pins which are on both sides of the cartridge. After you remove pins from both sides of the toner cartridge, you have to remove a spring as shown: Next step is laser printer toner refilling set-apart two main units of the cartridge.

One unit is a waste unit and the other is called ink-unit. Hold laser printer toner refilling toner as shown in the picture and pull both units apart. View of Waste Ink Unit and closer view of Spring which is to be removed to open waste ink unit. Remove spring and then remove plastic cover as shown: