Title, Las Plantas: amores y civilizaciones vegetales. Volume 52 of Biblioteca científica Salvat. Author, Jean-Marie Pelt. Publisher, Salvat, Historia Mas Bella De Las Plantas: Las R Pasta blanda – sep Jean Pelt de mano Rivet Gun accesorios, parte de repuesto., M/&R INDUSTRIAL. Pelt, Jean Marie. Medicine's 'green revolution'; Pine-tree therapy Les Plantes médicinales: un savoir à réinventer. Las Plantas medicinales florecen de nuevo.


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The Tacana are approximately people living in small communities, and their language is part of the Tacana linguistic family.

  • Las plantas by Jean-Marie Pelt
  • Ginkgo biloba - Wikipèdia
  • Tradition and change in the urban milieu. The popular use of medicinal plants in Valencia (Spain)

In the 19th century and until the midth, coca, quinine bark, cacao, rice and various tropical forest products among them many medicinal, las plantas jean marie pelt vegetal or animal source, were exchanged, some of these products introduced in the Kallawaya's pharmacopoeia, who were famous itinerant healers.

Also, the trade of quinine bark Cinchona calisaya Wedd.

Las plantas

Williams boom 1 gave this zone some economic importance. Two permanents plots, 80 km apart from each other, of 1 ha.


Samples were also collected in a variety of other ecosystems in the area: Permanent plot methodology las plantas jean marie pelt a botanical inventory of all trees, palms, and lianas of more than 10 cm.

Morton, is still in use within some Tacana's communities, like in many other western Amazon basin indigenous groups. The use of Ayahuasca as well as other hallucinogenic plants is always performed under the supervision of a shaman or "yanacona".


Though the preparation of the beverage itself presence or absence of Psychotria viridis Ruiz et Pav. The Ayahuasca drink puts the drinker in a special state of receptivity, allowing him to communicate with animals, plants, spirits, acting as guides and giving him advises for its research.

Tobacco is used in the form of strong juice which las plantas jean marie pelt swallowed, as well as smoking and chewing, the smoke being blown over the patient.

Formats and Editions of Las plantas : amores y civilizaciones vegetales []

Tobacco can sometimes be mixed up with grounded Coca leaves. The strongly scented powdered Cahuascha rhizome, also used in healing ceremonies in amazonian tribes from Peru or Columbia is applied all over the body of the patient, eventually mixed up with powdered Las plantas jean marie pelt, in order to improve the healing and protect from the action of malevolent spirits.

Species of Brugmansia spp. The "collpa prediction technique" still widely used all over the altiplano and las plantas jean marie pelt the Tacana area, is based on the interpretation of the aspect of the patient heated urine, together with "collpa".

Water and tree spirits are responsible for different diseases, characterised by a wide range of symptoms. These spirits can also steal souls, which are called back through special ceremonies involving Tobacco or Ayahuasca.

Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series: January-June - Google книги

The semantic trees are indented and offer the complete set of each hierarchy stemming from a main generic las plantas jean marie pelt.

The numbers appearing next to each expression are those of the botanical species in the plant inventory. The expressions in inverted comas - of which there are very few - were added by us. A total of different uses were recorded.

The group of complaints for which the largest number of botanical species is used in Valencia, comes under the heading of "digestive problems".

Homo Sapiens: Psychology as seen from Evolution - Antonio Vélez Montoya - Google книги

This is totally in keeping with previous research. In the present study however, "blood las plantas jean marie pelt and "circulation" are in second place, followed by "respiratory problems", "external complaints", and everything requiring "tonics, stimulants and vitamin supplements", and in sixth place, the processes that affect the kidneys and urinary tracts.

These results differ considerably from those obtained in the La Las plantas jean marie pelt Alta and L'Albufera, and are very interesting although we cannot be sure what they are due to.

One explanation could be that many of the people in the sample have a high level of education and that in this instance the zone under study is a large city.

La Historia Mas Bella de Las Plantas (English, Spanish, Paperback)

The pattern is more like the results obtained in other places in Europe and the USA although the type of study was different.

In others however, such as plants we could call multipurpose, not all their uses can be scientifically explained.


This type could include those based on magic whose provenance was lost in the remote past eg juniper galbuli carried in the pocket to cure haemorrhoids, picking Centaura calcitrapa on St John's night, using rue to stave off evil eye, or rosemary to find "true love".

One might think that this type of magic remedies were transmitted orally from one generation to the next but such recipes appear in some extant fragments of documents from Classical times, in medieval manuscripts and also in early printed books.

The advent of the printing press made it possible to publish books for the general public about las plantas jean marie pelt sorts of remedies to combat disease. Literature is also full of instances that mention magical remedies to combat illnesses and misfortunes, the best known of which include Lazarillo de Tormes, La Celestina and the Retrato de la Lozana andaluza.

Others obviously originated in modern, scientific medicine - both present-day and las plantas jean marie pelt of the 19th century - sometimes conserving las plantas jean marie pelt scientific meaning and sometimes redefining it within the framework of folk medicine.