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And I chose to work for a press agency for very specific reasons, because in every other respect lapidarium iv ryszard kapuscinski for an agency is pure slavery. No other journalist working for a paper or magazine or television has to put up with the horrors of a press agency writer.

One day I will write about them, my friends, these anonymous markers of events, these terrible lapidarium iv ryszard kapuscinski of information, working day and night in the worst of all possible conditions. But I took on this job voluntarily, because I knew that working for a press agency I would see more things, meet more people.

But he might grant an interview to a journalist who is reporting to the entire country.

An Interview by Bill Buford

And I also knew that, working for the agency, I lapidarium iv ryszard kapuscinski travel lapidarium iv ryszard kapuscinski than if working for someone else. Poland is a poor country. It cannot afford many foreign correspondents. Reuters, Associated Press or Presse France have a correspondent in nearly every African country; working for Poland, I was asked to be the correspondent for the entire continent.

I could not only go wherever I wanted, but it was my job to go wherever I wanted: I am often asked how was it possible that I could have seen so much as a j journalist.

I have personally witnessed twenty-seven revolutions.

An Interview by Bill Buford – Ryszard Kapuściński – pisarz, reporter, poeta.

It seems impossible, but that is precisely what my job required: I was responsible for fifty countries; I was bound to come across something at least once a month, in at least one of those countries.

I was full of stories. I get lapidarium iv ryszard kapuscinski sense that you must have been quite an operator. So, for instance, when trouble erupted in Zanzibar, I had to get there, but had no transport. Unlike the journalists from the big agencies, however, I knew some people involved in the lapidarium iv ryszard kapuscinski.

They were my friends. One of the big agency journalists asked for my help: So I made a deal: That was in I was in Kampala and had contracted cerebral malaria and was very, very ill. I was unconscious for three weeks, when one day, just when I was starting to recover, I looked up and there he was at my bedside.

You depart and then you return, tell a few stories and then disappear again. To what extent were you using your travels to collect material for the writing you would later do?

Lapidarium IV

I was there in Africa because I found it so compelling. I was aware that I was seeing something unique, for I was there at an important historical moment: I wish I could convey what Africa was like.

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I have experienced nothing like it. Africa has its own personality. Sometimes it is a sad personality, sometimes impenetrable, but always unrepeatable.

Lapidarium IV

It was aggressive, on the attack. And I liked that.


Afterwards, now, finding myself in quiet surroundings, amid conditions of stability, in Europe, I become bored.