La Celestina is a masterpiece of writing. Read the summary here and a brief history of the text and the title changes. La Celestina [Fernando De Rojas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Como principal objecion a la naturaleza dramatica de La Celestina se. The Comedy of Calisto and Melibea known in Spain as La Celestina is a work entirely in dialogue published in It is attributed to Fernando de Rojas,  Country‎: ‎Spain.


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He seduces Melibea, and then —in the original act version— falls to his death from la celestina ladder as he leaves the tryst. La celestina, distraught and unable to live without him, confesses to her father, Pleberio, before committing suicide by throwing herself from a tower.

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In the expanded and final act version, Calisto and Melibea continue meeting secretly for a month. La Celestina or ''The tragicomedy of Calisto and Melibea and the old prostitute Celestina'' is a Spanish book written in by the converse jewish la celestina Fernando de Rojas.

La Celestina - Wikipedia

The plot starts with Calisto being rejected by Melibea. Calisto then turns into an Emo Teenuntil his servant, Sempronio, presents la celestina to The Matchmaker Celestina, who offers him Melibea's love.


She uses her knowledge of human behaviour and la celestina to acomplish her goal. Acrostic verses from the work repeat the names of Rodrigo Cota or Juan de Mena as posible authors for the first act he had found in his holidays. We accept the presence of two writers in La Celestina after an analysis of the sources of each part of the whole work.

At the beginning la celestina the play we read many sentences by Petrarca author of an imitation of Seneca: De remediis utriusque fortunae. She is a colorful and vivid character, hedonisticmiserly, and yet full of life.

She has such a deep understanding la celestina the psychology of the other characters that she can convince even those who do not agree with her plans to accede to them. She also represents a subversive element in the societyby spreading and facilitating sexual pleasure. She stands apart for her use of magic.

She was once a prostituteand now she dedicates her time to arranging discreet meetings between illicit lovers, and at the same time uses her house as a brothel for the la celestina Elicia and Areusa.

La Celestina. Summary.

Melibea[ edit ] Melibea is a strong-willed girl, in whom repression appears as forced and unnatural; she feels like a slave to the hypocrisy that has existed in her house since her childhood. She is really bound la celestina her social conscience. She worries about her honornot modestynot her concept of what is moral.

Calisto[ edit ] Young nobleman who falls in love with Melibea. In the act version, Calisto dies as he la celestina while climbing down a ladder after a sexual encounter with Melibea.

Sempronio[ edit ] Servant to Calisto.

La Celestina

Sempronio is the one who suggests to Calisto to ask Celestina for la celestina with wooing Melibea; he is also the one who suggests to Celestina that by working together they could swindle money and other items of luxury from Calisto. Sempronio is in love with one of Celestina's prostitutes, Elicia.

Son of a prostitute who was friends with Celestina many years la celestina.