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Rajagopal, as he was called, was a South Indian Brahmin born in Rajagopal met K in the autumn of that year and krishnamurti ebooks whether he might work for him when he had taken his degree.


K liked him and agreed. Rajagopal spent the summers krishnamurti ebooks him and a party of friends in France, Austria and Italy in'23 and '24; he went twice to Ojai, once to help look after K when his 'process' was at its most intense infor which he took a krishnamurti ebooks off Cambridge, and again in the summer ofafter taking his degree in History, to help in nursing Nitya in his last illness.

Travelling with them was a pretty American girl of twenty-two, Rosalind Williams, whom K and Nitya had met when they first went to Ojai and who had also helped to take care of Nitya at the end. Rosalind and Rajagopal were thrown much together after Nitya's death and in Octoberkrishnamurti ebooks Mrs Besant's full approval, they were married in London.

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Thereafter, krishnamurti ebooks made their home at Ojai, an arrangement that suited K very well. He continued to sleep at his cottage now called Pine Cottage but took his meals at Arya Vihara where the Rajagopals lived.

Rosalind kept house for him. Since Krishnamurti ebooks was with K at the time of Nitya's death he stepped quite naturally into Nitya's shoes-shoes that never quite fitted him-and K appointed him Organising Secretary of the O.

Rajagopal, though slim and tall with beautiful hands, was a very different physical type from K and Nitya, being curly-haired and rather snub-nosed. He was far more Western than Eastern in temperament-practical, highly efficient and tidy almost to the point of obsession.

K's vagueness irritated him almost as much as his bossy pernicketyness irritated K.

As well as affection and a good deal of laughter there were frequent clashes between them; nevertheless, K was content to leave all practical matters, which bored him, especially krishnamurti ebooks matters, in Rajagopal's undoubtedly capable hands.

Born in South India, he was educated in England, and traveled the world, giving public talks, holding dialogueswriting, and founding schools until the end of his life at the age of ninety.

He krishnamurti ebooks allegiance to no caste, nationality, or religion and was bound by no tradition. Thus far, over 4, copies of his books have been sold in over thirty languages.

Mary Lutyens - 2. Krishnamurti. The Years of Fulfilment (eBook) | ALDI life

The rejection of all spiritual and psychological krishnamurti ebooks, including his own, is a fundamental theme. He said human beings have to free themselves of fear, conditioning, authority, and dogma through self-knowledge.

He suggested that this will bring about order and real psychological change. Our violent, conflict-ridden world cannot be transformed into krishnamurti ebooks life of goodness, love, and compassion by any political, social, krishnamurti ebooks economic strategies.

Krishnamurti ebooks can be transformed only through mutation in individuals brought about through their own observation without any guru or organized religion.

Heads of state, eminent scientists, prominent leaders of the United Nations and various religious organizations, psychiatrists and psychologists, and university professors all engaged in dialogue with Krishnamurti. Students, teachers, and millions of people from all walks of life read his books and came to hear him speak.

He bridged science and religion without the use of jargon, so scientists and lay people alike could understand his discussions of time, thought, insight, and death.

Their defined role is the preservation and dissemination of the teachings, but without any authority to interpret or deify the teachings or the person.

Krishnamurti also founded schools in India, England, and the United States.