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Thoth also informs them that he will only be able to hold on until sunrise the next day, the time of Apophis' rising which he believes is designed to prevent him from interfering.

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When Carter summons the gods to help fight Apophis after succeeding in getting his sheut and Ra being reborn, Thoth is not one of the gods that show up. Carter is disappointed as he wishes that Thoth and more of the gods that were friendly to him showed up, but he knows that Thoth and the other gods have their own problems fighting off attacks from Kane chronicles tome 3 forces.


Personality Thoth is a rather comical god when he first meets Carter and Sadie. He seems to be a bit absent-minded and took some time to realize that he was not in Memphis, Egypt, but actually Memphis, Tennessee.

He has kane chronicles tome 3 taken a liking to barbecue and music claiming to have discovered Blues musicwhich he refers to as forms of magic and, as he is the god of wisdom, a passion for education and books.

The Kane Chronicles - 3. L'ombra del serpente by Rick Riordan on Apple Books

He seems to marvel at computers and technology, wishes he had a bigger laboratory and has multiple ibises working on computer essays. Thoth is mostly a benevolent deity and arguably one of the least egocentrics of the major gods.

He always does what is necessary to help others and aside from a little recognition, never asks for anything in kane chronicles tome 3.

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In The Throne of Firewhen Carter and Sadie are shown the Hall of the Gods as the senile Ra prepares to leave, Sadie remarks when Thoth looks at her that she gets the feeling that he is the only one kane chronicles tome 3 pities her discomfort.

There is also a darker side to Thoth's personality. He is a very calculating god and gave tests to Carter and Sadie to see if they are worth the information he was going to give them.

kane chronicles tome 3

Thoth also seems to hold grudges, admonishing Horus and Isis for coming to him for help after the last time Set and Horus fought. He convinced Iskandarthe Chief Lector, to adopt the House of Life's anti-god policies while maintaining his kane chronicles tome 3 standing and freedom.

Appearance Thoth appears as a young man in his twenties with wild blond hair, wire-rimmed glasses, jeans and a lab coat. The sleeves of his lab coat seem to contain letters and words in all languages which he could use to conjure anything he wanted.

While the other gods wore elaborate and special clothing or armor for large events, like Ra's first voyage back into the DuatThoth prefers to wear his jeans and lab coat most kane chronicles tome 3 the time. Thoth's eyes are many shifting colors, like a kaleidoscope, which Sadie finds somewhat disturbing.

However, in the picture above, he is shown having brown curly hair.

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Abilities As a son of RaThoth is an extremely powerful god. As the God of Knowledge, Thoth is extremely intelligent. As the God of Wisdom, Thoth is extremely wise. As the God kane chronicles tome 3 MagicThoth has absolute control and divine authority over magic.

The Kane Chronicles - 3. L'ombra del serpente

Examples of other abilities he derived from this province are: It was highly likely that Thoth is able to speak every known Divine Word, and as an immortal, he is knowledgeable in spells that were lost long ago.

Thoth is able to cast hieroglyph spells and Divine Words in the form of grenades through English instead of Ancient Egyptian. Thoth seemed to possess the ability to create, kane chronicles tome 3, and manipulate inanimate objects - words would form on his lab coat, and if they fell off, they would create whatever the word is.

When Thoth threw his grocery list on the floor, it also turned into whatever was on the list which in one case, it was milk, bread, and Mountain Dew. Thoth had the ability to create portals, even during the Kane chronicles tome 3 Days - something which even the most skilled magicians were unable to do.