Juana of Castile, known also as Joanna La Beltraneja , Queen of Portugal. Joanna la Beltraneja Hide. Castillian infanta. Juana la. A note on the life of Juana of Castile, called "la Beltraneja.". So, his backup is to marry La Beltraneja (Fernando apparently came into possession of Enrique IV's will after Isabel died, and therein Enrique.


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Although by February of most of Castile had recognized Isabella, not all the rebellious grandees had.

Juana la Beltraneja (1462–1530)

The marquis of Villena, for one, had not. He refused to surrender Juana until a marriage was juana la beltraneja for her, a condition Isabella and Ferdinand would not accept.

Meanwhile, "Juanista sentiment" was revived in Portugal, where Afonso V, Juana's uncle, decided to intervene. He would marry Juana la beltraneja Juana and invade Castile.


By the end of May the Portuguese king was in Castile. He reached the city of Plasencia, which opened its gates to him. Juana la beltraneja the forty-three-year-old Afonso, who had once negotiated for Juana as a match for his son, was himself betrothed to the princess.

They were jointly proclaimed king and queen of Castile and issued a statement in defense of Juana's claims to the throne.

Juana herself claimed that Isabella and Ferdinand had poisoned Enrique and illegally seized the throne. One of the letters sent by Juana and Afonso indeclaring her status as queen of Castile Ferdinand's initial encounter with Afonso was a disaster, his retreating army juana la beltraneja the Castilian countryside.

But the Castilian army recovered, and Afonso and Ferdinand fought on untilwhen at last Ferdinand declared victory. For his part, Afonso returned to Portugal, taking Juana with him.

The Monstrous Regiment of Women: Juana of Castile, "la Beltraneja"

In two events signaled juana la beltraneja end to the conflict between Portugal and Castile. In June, Isabella gave birth to a son, Juan, and in December the pope revoked the dispensation he had issued to Afonso so that the Portuguese king could marry his own niece.

Afonso attempted one more invasion of Castile, but when this failed, Juana's fate was sealed. To negotiate a peace settlement with Isabella, Afonso sent Beatriz, duchess of Viseu. The two women met in March of Beatriz was Afonso's sister-in-law, the wife of his brother.

But Beatriz was also Isabella's aunt, her mother Isabel of Juana la beltraneja sister. Joanna sent a letter to the cities of Castile, expounding the wish of her father King Henry IV that she should rule, and proposed that the cities vote for which succession they wished should be recognized.

However, Joanna found fewer supporters than expected.


Both armies met at Toro 1 March His son John II of Portugal defeated the Castilian right wing, recovered the lost Portuguese Royal standard, and held the field, but overall the battle was indecisive. Faced with this news, the party of Joanna la Beltraneja, who was under siege at the Royal Alcazar, was terminated, and the Portuguese were forced to return juana la beltraneja their kingdom.

Thus, frommother and daughter lived an itinerant evolution juana la beltraneja various places castellanos to avoiding the King, that felt special predilection for his segovian Palace. And, in this sense, Villena was not willing to your ascendant disappears, which, taking as their weapon the custody of Princess, returned to one of the multiple paths initiated by Enrique IV, in particular, the Princess married Alfonso V of Portugal.