Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult - book cover, description, publication history. Picoult's new novel (following the acclaimed Plain Truth) is a story about rape and reputation, loosely based on The Crucible. Jack St. Bride comes to Salem. Based on the best selling Jodi Picoult book, former teacher Jack St. Bride moves to Salem Falls after a student's crush led to false accusations and a wrongful.


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Salem Falls

Jodi picoult salem falls Peabody does not change her attitude towards Jack. The novel also revolves around local teenage girls who experiment with Wicca: Although he does his best to stay away from them, one night he accidentally stumbles upon them in the woods while they are celebrating the Wiccan holiday of Beltane.

Because of his past and the prevailing attitude in Salem Falls that Jack should not be there, he is quickly accused of sexually assaulting Gillian. Due to his intoxicated state at the time, Jack is unable to recall where he was that night. Throughout the trial, Jordan manages to cast reasonable jodi picoult salem falls on Gillian's testimony.

Jodi Picoult

Meg, however, confides in Addie that she remembers Jack touching her in a sexual jodi picoult salem falls. Addie believes her because she thinks that "no woman would lie about something like that", and takes Meg to report the incident to policeman Charlie, who is Meg's father.


Clues begin to unravel that Gillian has been lying about the assault. Sources tell that she and her clique were taking drugs on the night of Beltane that cause hallucinations.


The initial blood screening when Gillian was given a rape exam showed no evidence jodi picoult salem falls drugs in her system. Jordan does not believe this and hires a private toxicologist to run tests on the blood samples, which reveal extreme amounts of a hallucinogen. It is also discovered through her previous psychiatric records that Gillian was known for being a compulsive liar as a child after the death of her mother.

Chelsea gets an attack of conscience, though, and mails "The Book of Shadows" a witch's handbook, and proof that they are part of a witch's coven to Thomas, who jodi picoult salem falls it to Jordan.

Salem Falls (TV Movie ) - IMDb

Jordan then uses it against Gillian, who claims she "didn't want to be labeled a slut". Jack is pronounced not guilty.

After the trial, Meg reveals to Charlie that Gillian convinced them to make it all up, as a game, to see if they could ruin his life because Gillian was attracted to Jack and he turned her down.

Her reports of Jack having touched jodi picoult salem falls inappropriately are revealed through flashback to have been accidental contact with her breast while saving her from a fall. Charlie reluctantly agrees to protect jodi picoult salem falls.

It is revealed that Addie, too, was gang-raped at sixteen by Charlie and Amos, so therefore Addie never knew the true identity of Chloe's father. Charlie apologises and Addie appears to accept this.

What if he fell asleep at the wheel? It made Addie feel like he was sorting through her mind, opening up certain ideas and shuffling aside others. She closed her eyes.

Salem Falls | Book by Jodi Picoult | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

There was a wide desk manned by another officer, a high counter with ink pads for fingerprinting, and in the shadowy distance, a trio of tiny cells. Wes touched her forearm. She heard the barred door slide open like a sword being pulled from its scabbard.