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He married Madeleine Hugues. Although Jean Carbonnier jean carbonnier theological and historical articles about Protestantismhe still supported secularity.

Jean Carbonnier : Livres et Livres Numériques (Ebook) - Bibliographie | PUF

He was a professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Poitiers from toteaching French civil law. He became dean in Une autofiction de Jean Carbonnier [11] was published posthumously, in This fiction shows that Jean Carbonnier was not only a theorist, but also an author of literature.

This element can be perceived jean carbonnier reading his theoretical works about law, jean carbonnier he always explained his thoughts with an elegant and precise way of writing. Les incertitudes du jeune Saxon represents at the same time a fiction sort of Bildungsroman and a reflection about law and history.

Jean Carbonnier - Wikipedia

This work is also linked with the story of his jean carbonnier family and tastes. Carbonnier's thought[ edit jean carbonnier Jean Carbonnier's vision of law was based on his own philosophy, which includes Protestantismrealismskepticismand empiricism [12] — always with open-mindedness.

He was at the same time a theorist, an author, and a lawmaker.


That is why he was — and still is — often called "jurislateur," which can be translated as "jurislator" in English. His works are open to the sociology of law and the philosophy of lawjean carbonnier linking legal, jean carbonnier, and social sciences.


The author observed society in order to understand it. He also considered legal phenomena as social facts. At the same time a jurist and a sociologist, Jean Jean carbonnier played an important role jean carbonnier adapting law to society's traditions and customs.

Books by Jean Carbonnier (Author of Flexible Droit)

He jean carbonnier law as an artifact, and was interested in every system of norms. In Flexible droit, [13] he explains how law is changeable, uncertain — and "flexible.

He practiced "sociology without rigor," as the subtitle of his jean carbonnier Flexible droit [14] shows. Indeed, Jean Carbonnier did not like "rigid" law.

In Sociologie juridique [16]Jean Carbonnier explained his theories jean carbonnier the links between law and society.

This work represents his most famous one on the international level, [17] especially thanks to the concepts jean carbonnier developed, as well as his account of the relationship between jurisprudence and social sciences.


In Flexible droit [18]the core study was jean carbonnier "non-droit"considered as the essence of social life. For Jean Carbonnier, when there is no law, other systems of social regulations will work instead — for instance, religion, morality, customs, friendships, or habits. This part of the book also made Jean Carbonnier an internationally recognized jurist.

His study of labor law and jean carbonnier law represents a good example of legal sociology.

In sum, Jean Carbonnier established at the same time a clear and understandable sociological theory for jurists, as well as a legal theory within the reach of sociologists. This synthesis between law and sociology allowed the usage of jean carbonnier methods of investigation, thereby breaking with the "rational" tradition in French legislation.

This allowed notably the establishment of divorce by mutual consentat a time when divorce by fault was the only form offered to divorcing couples. He wrote a major Jean carbonnier on Civil Law Droit civilwhich is not only a theoretical work, but also jean carbonnier links with history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy.

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Jean carbonnier reforms include fields such as incapacity law jean carbonnierparental authorityfiliationand divorce With Pierre Catala, a French law professor, Jean Carbonnier authored a proposition for the reform of inheritance law.

It was taken up by the legislature in its law of 3 December This refers to the tendency, in France, to legislate too much, leading to an "inflation" of the law. This excess is meant to limit arbitrary powers.