Mission Indradhanush was launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India on December 25, Between Actually there are two Mission is for Recapitalisation of banks and another is for immunisation of children and ladies. Mission Indradhanush. To further intensify the immunization programme, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) on.


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Sh Indradhanush mission P Nadda "Let no child suffer from any vaccine-preventable disease". Through this programme, Government of India aims to reach each and every child under two years of age and all those pregnant women who have been left uncovered under the routine immunisation programme.

With the launch of IMI, achievement of indradhanush mission target has now been advanced.

What is Mission Indradhanush? - Quora

Speaking on the occasion to a packed audience, Shri Narendra Modi stated that the Government indradhanush mission made immunization a people's and a social movement.

The Prime Minister made a strong appeal to all indradhanush mission present in the audience and the country men and women to own the programme in order to make all efforts to reduce maternal and child mortality.

The Prime Minister also highlighted other achievements of the Government including the new National Health Policy which has been unveiled after fifteen years, indradhanush mission is people-centered. The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction at indradhanush mission success of the Pradhan Mantri Matritva Suraksha Abhiyaan where private doctors have volunteered to provide free ANC services to pregnant women on the 9th of every month along with government doctors.

Were the cold-chain logistics maintained?

Prime Minister launches Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI)

Did the ANM inform parents that the child may develop mild fever after the vaccination? Were the banners and posters displayed properly? indradhanush mission

Every morning, she starts out early, with a check-list. The work does not end there.

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There are house to house visits in high-risk settlements and traditionally under-served areas to check if any child has been missed out by the routine immunization sessions. Any lapses are immediately tackled. A phone call, a warning, usually work.

Now we are using the same structures and skills to ramp up routine immunization through Mission Indradhanush. These are exciting times for all the odd medical doctors and field monitors indradhanush mission with the WHO who are now part of the special nationwide initiative in India to vaccinate all unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children under the Universal Immunization Programme, by Now, we are leveraging indradhanush mission knowledge and infrastructure built during the polio campaign to step indradhanush mission routine immunization.

World Health Organization, Mission Indradhanush: Leveraging lessons from polio success story

This campaign, called Mission Indradhanush, is an inspiring reflection of the seven colours of the rainbow, and aims to protect all indradhanush mission in this country from the seven vaccine-preventable diseases: We hope to achieve this by Answered Sep indradhanush mission, Actually there are two Mission Indradhanush.

One is for Recapitalisation of banks and another is for immunisation of children and ladies.


Mission Indradhanush is a health mission of the government of India. It was launched by Union Health Minister J. Nadda on 25 December indradhanush mission