Defining User Permissions in HP Quality Center. 16th Jul, This blog describes the permission's functionalities that exists in Quality Center. The first thing. Lesson 1 • Introducing HP ALM 20 The ALM Login window opens. Welcome to This Tutorial 10 Before You Begin To work with this tutorial. HP Application LifeCycle Management (ALM) is the latest incarnation of flagship test management tool.


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HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

hp qc 10 tutorial Run Query — This option is used to test a query for all the hp qc 10 tutorial present in the particular module.

A user should write the VB Script in the post processing section for generating a readymade report. This is a sample report generated after inputting the query and the writing a VB script in the post processing section. With that we come to the end of Dashboard module.

HP Quality Center Administrator Guide - Micro Focus Community

I hope you like this article. I recommend you to subscribe via RSS feed. You can also subscribe by Email and have new QC articles sent directly to your inbox. Most Organizations develop manual tests in Excel and upload into ALM in bulk rather than creating each manual tests one by one. Let us understand the step by step procedure to upload hp qc 10 tutorial into QC from Excel.

Enter a valid data in each one of those fields as shown below.

Ota - How to access HP QC(Quality Center ) from Java Application - Stack Overflow

In this case, it is tests. We will also upload Defects in the upcoming chapters. The first option, 'Select a map' is disabled because we haven't created a map so far. Hence we should create new map name and click 'Next'. We haven't selected 'Create a Temporary map' as we would like to reuse every time for hp qc 10 tutorial 'tests.

The left pane grid items that are listed correspond to the fields that are available for upload in HP ALM.

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  • HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

Please note that the fields marked in 'RED' should be mapped as they are mandatory fields. The right pane grid items refer to the fields that are mapped so that values in Hp qc 10 tutorial will flow into those corresponding fields of ALM.


Select the Field that user would hp qc 10 tutorial to map and click on the arrow button as shown below. After mapping all the required fields, click 'Export'.

Step 10 Upon successful upload, ALM displays the message as shown below. If errors appear please fix the issue and try re-uploading the same. Some of the common errors are listed below: The Field 'Test Type' has a value other than Manual.

HP Quality center 10.0 Tutorial .

Performance Center hp qc 10 tutorial software code flaws across the lifecycle of applications. The solution provides requirements management, release and cycle management, test management, defect management and reporting from a single platform. Defects Administration customization module permissions For each module you will find similar settings where you can allow if checked or disable unchecked permissions for different aspects of the module.

For the Modify action, you can even define finer rules. This last point is particularly interesting for workflow based transitions such as Status where the designer wants the user to follow a predefined path for hp qc 10 tutorial, a defect Status cannot be set as Fixed unless the testing team has validated it beforehand by setting its Status as Validated.

These are extra security settings and will bring another window with further customization settings.