When setting goals, the first question that I always ask myself is, Who must I become to achieve this specific outcome? Who must I become to. 6 Ways To Achieve Any Goal. Look at it. A goal that you can actually see is massively more powerful than a goal you write down on a checklist. Tell people. Break it up. Set a date. Be realistic. Commit to yourself. Want more from Molly? 5 Lessons From A First Time Entrepreneur. Accountability powers you toward your goals, and these guidelines for unleashing its power will get you over the rainbow to what you want.


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These are the types of goals that require you to "raise the bar" and they bring the greatest personal satisfaction. How to reach your goals Relevant Goals Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.

By keeping goals aligned with this, you'll develop the focus you need to get ahead and do what you want.

Golden Rules of Goal Setting

Set widely scattered and inconsistent goals, and you'll fritter your time — and your life — away. Set Time-Bound Goals Your goals must how to reach your goals a deadline.

Again, this means that you know when you can celebrate success. When you are working on a deadline, your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker.

Set Goals in Writing The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible.

Want to achieve your goals? Pick up these 4 habits |

You how to reach your goals no excuse for forgetting about it. As you write, use the word "will" instead of "would like to" or "might.

Frame your goal statement positively. If you want to improve your retention rates say, "I will hold on to all existing employees for the next quarter" rather than "I will reduce employee turnover.

If you use an Action Programthen your goals should be at the top of your Project Catalog.

Five Golden Rules for Successful Goal Setting - from

Post your goals in visible places to remind yourself every day of what it is you intend to do. Put them how to reach your goals your walls, desk, computer monitor, bathroom mirror or refrigerator as a constant reminder.

Make an Action Plan This step is often missed in the process of goal setting. You get so focused on the outcome that you forget to plan all of the steps that are needed along the way.

By writing out the individual steps, and then crossing each one off as you complete it, you'll realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal.

This is especially important if your goal is big and demanding, or long-term.

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Read our article on Action Plans for more on how to do this. Remember, goal setting is an ongoing activity, not just a means to an end.

Want to achieve your goals? Pick up these 4 habits

Build in reminders to keep yourself on track, and make regular time-slots available to review your goals. Let this be the end of all that.


Here are a few suggestions — and a dose of tough love — to help you reach your goals. Define your fears instead of your goals. What are how to reach your goals afraid of? Write down the worst things that might happen if you fail, suggests investor and author Tim Ferriss.