Transcript of High Heat By: Carl Deuker. Braeden Ulrich Mrs. Mathews English 4th 7 October Plot Setting The main setting is at Shane's. Grade 7 Up-Shane Hunter's life of privilege disintegrates when his dad is arrested for money laundering and commits suicide. The teen, his mother, and his. All about High Heat by Carl Deuker. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.


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This book was very good by itself as well as when high heat carl deuker to similar books, in many other books the main conflict is something of a non issue that will go away in a couple of years.

Such as a championship or a girl. But this book gives an example of something that had to be overcome and a life was better because of it To view it, click here. I loved this book because my favorite sport is baseball and high heat carl deuker book is all about baseball.

The reason I rated it as a 4 is because it was really good but there wasn't enough action in this book all it did was kind of drag on sometimes but I still really liked it.

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high heat carl deuker It mostly takes place in the baseball fields and at Shane's main character house. The conflict of this story is that Shane's father dies and he has to recover fr I loved this book because my favorite sport is baseball and this book is all about baseball.

The conflict of this story is that Shane's father dies and he has to recover from that and he makes some bad choices.

The resolution is that he wins a championship game and gets accepted to a good college high heat carl deuker play baseball.

To start off, Shane's father dies and his family loses all the money that they have so they have to move to a smaller house. His mom then gets a job, leaving Shane and his sister Marian home alone.

High heat carl deuker ending to this story is unpredictable and keeps you guessing.


It makes the reader wonder what will happen to the batter. Shane is a lucky kid. He has good friends, lots of money, and baseball skills.

Everything in his life is riding high heat carl deuker until his Dad is suddenly convicted of a crime.

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The police say that he was associated with money laundering, which is where a large amount of his money is coming from. His family, along with the community, is shocked.

Shane, along with his sister and mom, have to bond together and make the most of their already tattered life. The message portrayed in the story says that you have to fight through adversity, and stick to the ones you love.


The family loses much, but gains more in bonding and love for each high heat carl deuker. This is also proven in real live, as families, communities, countries, and the world have to bond together to create unity and equality between one another.


His skills diminish, and he considers quitting baseball all together. Thon had three decent seasons with the Phillies, but never approached the production that was the norm during his Astro days. His renaissance season was still far high heat carl deuker dominant -- he scored only 45 runs in at-bats, and his all-around numbers were even less impressive in and