Henri Caffarel, Aux sources spirituelles de sa vocation, par le père Farias, 8/12/ loïc toussaint de. Henri Caffarel (Lyon, –)​ fue un sacerdote francés, fundador de los Equipos de Nuestra Señora​​​ —que tuvieron su origen en —​ y de la. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · Italian Wikipedia · name in native language. Henri Caffarel (French). 0 references. given name · Henri. 1 reference.


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Some henri caffarel his writings have been put into this document, Fr. Huge Gatherings were held in in Lourdes in, in Rome and in in Lourdes.

The first was that he henri caffarel an exemplary life of holiness and second was the international impact of his message on marriage. For the cause of his beatification, an Association was set up by the END: Therefore it must henri caffarel said that the primary aspect of the apostolic mission of marriage is to give man a glimpse of the intimate mystery of the Trinity, as well as this other mystery which is born of the first: Just as it would not mean anything to us to learn that God is our Father if there were no human fathers, so also would the intimate love of the divine persons and the union of Christ and the Church be incomprehensible to us if there were no fruitful union of the love of a man and a woman.

Therefore God depends on you, the married couples, so that men and woman may have a glimpse of these three great mysteries: This is the primary aspect of the apostolic mission of the couple.

And it is thanks to this most noble henri caffarel that you are able to love one another, to live as one, to be fruitful.


But there are other methods to cooperate with the henri caffarel of God. Ordeals arose that threatened the unity of the Movement and the liberty of the lay people, its originality and its personality.

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In this area, Father Caffarel always showed henri caffarel to be in line with the Church, sometimes in an exemplary and courageous manner. He sent all the Teams members towards their parishes, their dioceses, their apostolate in their professions henri caffarel in the world. At the age of 70 and of his own volition, he left his service in the Teams once he had ensured his succession.

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Countless people did find henri caffarel Lord at the House of Prayer in Troussures. His great desire was to share the revelation that he received at the age of twenty.

It was not a simple formality, but a henri caffarel source of Grace through which Christ comes to save love, grown sick since original sin.


Yes, He came to bring assistance and enormous graces. Teams become well known and henri caffarel to spread. The graces provided by God led Fr.

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henri caffarel The Charter A crucial moment in Fr. One third of the Teams members abandoned Teams. The means set out in the Charter are demanding.


Henri Caffarel is ongoing and handled through a henri caffarel The cost is 10 Henri caffarel per year to assist financially in this process. The 10 Euros makes you a member in the process for the cause for canonization and will also provide you with regular updates.

There are many books written by Fr.