Tirza is a Dutch drama film directed by Rudolf van den Berg and based on the Dutch bestseller of the same name by Arnon Grunberg. The film was. That's how Arnon Grunberg introduces J rgen Hofmeester, the lead character of his discomfiting novel, Tirza. Grunberg wastes little time asserting Hofmeester's. Tirza. Arnon Grunberg, trans. from the Dutch by Sam Garrett. Open Letter, $ (p) ISBN More By and About This.


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Yet, as in Dostoyevsky, after the apparently quiet opening, things inexorably start to unravel. It is a quiet, low-key story, but in that quiet the reader can hear the footsteps of Grunberg tirza approaching.

TIRZA by Arnon Grunberg , Sam Garrett | Kirkus Reviews

His wife, who had left him years before for a childhood sweetheart, makes an unexpected reappearance, turning his sedate household upside-down.

And somehow, after this shambolic peak, when Hofmeester flies to Africa in the last third of the book to search grunberg tirza a missing Tirza, the book gets more painful, more difficult to read, more grunberg tirza in an unspoken way, until the final plot twist is revealed and grunberg tirza it, sad as it is, at least the vague sense of finality hovering over Hofmeester is explained and the knot in the reader's stomach untied.

Hofmeester is a familiar type and the story a familiar genre, an ordinary schmuck seeking redemption. This man, on the verge of retirement, tries to reconcile his lifetime of failure and loss with what he hoped to do, to write a reference work for German Expressionist poets, to live without children, to be free.


In lesser hands, in the hands of a writer inclined to convention, there could be something heartwarming in all this.

There is nothing grunberg tirza about Tirza.

  • Tirza - Arnon Grunberg
  • Tirza by Arnon Grunberg
  • Bookslut | Tirza by Arnon Grunberg, translated by Sam Garrett
  • Arnon Grunberg

Sex and violence lurk beneath the surface of Hofmeester's and civilization's decay, and even the children are less than true innocents in the narrative's distorted lens.

Grunberg tirza is no one to cheer for, and yet, the reader hopes for something better.

Tirza - Wikipedia

As loathsome as Hofmeester shows himself grunberg tirza be, Grunberg does well to take advantage of the reader's trust, such that only the most complacent reader won't feel empathetic pain over Hofmeester's many missteps and regressions.

Grunberg tirza book is good, and maybe great, but it's unpleasant and depressing. Then again, that's our problem.


Ibi has also long since flown the coop, though she shows up for the party too; this older daughter eluded Hofmeester early on when he found her, still only fourteen, giving herself up to the upstairs tenant who wasn't her first -- which he couldn't recognize or accept as a sign that maybe something was desperately wrong in the Hofmeester household.

Grunberg tirza has been saving up his money -- putting some aside in a foreign bank account, making investments.

He actually amassed a million, but then took up the bank's suggestion and invested it all in a hedge fund, and grunberg tirza all that money wasn't there any longer.

Book - Tirza - Letterenfonds

He is still fairly well off, but his dreams of making his daughters' -- and especially Tirza's -- lives easier have been shattered. Hofmeester has spent his life working as an editor -- specializing in foreign literature -- for a book publisher, but they've grown tired of him.

They'd fire him if they could, but the labor laws make that impossible. But he is so dispensable that they just tell him to go grunberg tirza Unwilling to admit his professional failure to anyone, he develops a new routine of commuting to Schiphol airport, and puttering around there for the day The one light grunberg tirza his life, the one person who depends on him and whom he is devoted to, is darling Tirza.

Exceptionally gifted, he always called her -- until it turned out that maybe he was putting too grunberg tirza pressure on her, with his demanding schedule of cello-playing and swimming, and bedtime reading of Tolstoy, leading to her getting an eating disorder. Grunberg tirza a rare moment of actually taking the grunberg tirza he does the right thing to help her there -- but he's incapable of being entirely the kind of father-figure she needs.

Still, the two get along and have a strange but affectionate relationship, convincingly conveyed by Grunberg.