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The answer is yes!! Even if you get the Bronze. Some weeks there's so much to watch i cant finish everything in the week. The vault is also great for getting to know everyone at MWG. gorkamorka el rezto

Free Gorkamorka Seasons 1 and 2 - MiniWarGaming

They have posted some awesome behind the scenes videos that are humorous and a nice break from the batreps. MiniWarGaming provides entertaining, informative and varied content for many of the most active games to date. Gorkamorka el rezto more vault members they can expand to more systems and bring more content!

Which is really awesome gorkamorka el rezto I only get to game once every 2 weeks or so. The vault also helps players up there game on painting which is an nice added bonus for me.

Get Access to the Gorkamorka Seasons 1 and 2 Series For Free

I believe other members would enjoy the same. Like a lot of you out there, I have a pretty busy life.

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Between work and family and the myriad of other distractions that happen day-to-day, it's hard to find time for our hobbies. So, for me, I often find myself staring at the shelves of unpainted grey plastic and metal, wondering how wonderful it would be to get those miniatures finished.

Then I see the boxes of unbuilt miniatures and gorkamorka el rezto, "I really should gorkamorka el rezto started on those.


C'mon you've been there! Since joining the Mini Wargaming Vault however, my procrastinating ways have begun to change.

Inspired by the amazing content found here, I have a paint brush in my hand more often. gorkamorka el rezto

A miniature gets assembled, and all seems right with the world queue the symphonic music here. Like a daily dose of gorkamorka el rezto Prozac wrapped in a cheese and bacon sandwich, Mini Wargaming's Vault keeps delivering Gorkamorka el rezto goodness that I look forward to.

So to you, Guy or Girl sitting passively on the fence, get over your doubts, your fears, and become a Vault Member now!


You'll not regret it! I liked the videos and the contents gorkamorka el rezto they made, and I felt that I wanted to contribute. As I was running low on battlereports that I hadn't seen, I decided to take the leap.


The amount of contents you get, just for the gorkamorka el rezto membership, is insane. Countless battlereports, free DVDs, painting tutorials, strategies, post-game videos, the works. I'm gorkamorka el rezto sure that I will never get through it all, and I see this as a immensly good thing.

If you like what you see on Youtube and you are thinking about joining, but are afraid to not get value for your money, allow me to stop you right there.

If you have only seen the free stuff, you have just seen the tip of the iceberg. I can heavily recommend gorkamorka el rezto considering in joining The Vault. It's a great value for money, awesome content and more time with the people that we love: The access to the free DVDs alone is worth far more than the yearly subscription and gorkamorka el rezto absolutely filled to the brim with helpful ideas and tools for gamers to get the most out of their miniatures.

Literally hundreds of videos compiled into one place that will save me many hours of aggravation. It's amazing because of the extra content you get.