When it was originally published, Hybrid Cultures was foundational to Latin Garcia Canclini questions whether Latin America can compete in a global. Hybrid Cultures has ratings and 4 reviews. This now-classic work features a new introduction in which Nestor Garcia Canclini calls for a cultural politics to. Hybrid Cultures: Strategies for Entering and Leaving Modernity. Book Description: When it was originally published in , Hybrid Cultures was foundational to Latin American cultural studies. García Canclini questions whether Latin America can compete in a global marketplace without losing its cultural identity.


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Fischman Review Author s: Gustavo Fischman Review by: Comparative Education Review, Vol. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship.

Princeton University Press, ], p. In accordance with the book's title, the author focused on schools in Cuba, including some informationon the university,but without the depth and garcia canclini hybrid cultures that might have enriched her research.

Hybrid Cultures — University of Minnesota Press

More information on the problems of Cuban higher education, academicfreedom, access, universitygovernance, and autonomy correspondingto her focus on democracy,participation,and power would have complemented her study and incorporatedother polemical and im- portant points on the development of Cuban academiclife.

This subjectremains pending for a future study. The realization of the book's empirical part in situ, and a good part of its reflection, is a comparative analysis of national experiences and of educational phenomena in garcia canclini hybrid cultures. This constitutesyet another of the book'sstrong points, and even more so when we find texts of prestigious academicsand garcia canclini hybrid cultures who have worked "fromthe outside"when they could have deliveredthose works enriched with references and real experiences with Cuban education, obtained from within the country, following Lutjens'sexample.

The book offers a fresh, up-to-datereflectionon a unique garcia canclini hybrid cultures of social transformationsupported by an educationalrevolution. Although the emphasisis centered on the last years of the Cuban process known as the Rectification, including the Special Period, this volume illustratesthe dynamic and the spirit that continues to inspire changes in Cubatoday.

The author has made a contribu- tion worthy of recognition.


Universityof Minnesota Press, Much of the discussion about modernity, postmodernity,and the processes of modernization, both in the North and South, has followed models that stress homogeneity or conflict. On the one hand, it seems as if for many years the scholarlyand garcia canclini hybrid cultures practiceof delimitingborders,establishingterritories,and drawing distinctionsbetween the homogeneous, quasi-essential"them"and "us" has been sufficient and effective; on the other hand, these operations depict analogous and opposing blocks or groups that often compete among each other to impose the best garcia canclini hybrid cultures the magic word "culture.

Nestor Garcia Canclini-a prestigious philosopher and anthropologist, of Mexico's National Autonomous University,and active intellectual-offers a dif- ferent perspective on this debate. Cancliniintroduces the concept of "hybrid"to describe cultures in Latin America.

Hybrid Cultures: Strategies for Entering and Leaving Modernity by Néstor García Canclini

The process of hybridizationrefers not only to the widespreadprocesses of religious syncretismand racialand cultural"mesti- zaje"but also to modern forms of hybridizationthat make it difficult,even impos- sible, to distinguish pure "elitistculturalformations"or "pureethnic formations.

These concepts remain important and of analytical value because Canclini does not use them as ideas that represent essentialized and coherent sets of values, artifacts,and meanings. garcia canclini hybrid cultures

The first hypothesisof this book is that the uncertaintyabout the meaningand valueof the conceptof "modernity" is basednot only on whatestablishesdistinctions and differencesamong nations,ethnic groups, and classesbut also on their perma- nent crossingsand mixtures.

Canclini accuses the system garcia canclini hybrid cultures wanting to generate new readers only through printed media, without taking into account digital media.


The concept of the spectator is linked to the types of shows that they attend, cinema, television, recitals etc.

He describes new concepts that have brought the digital age.

Project MUSE - Hybrid Cultures

The reader - spectator - and internet user read more on the internet than on paper. This book shows us both the benefits of technology and its negative aspects that are familiar to us all.

Overview[ edit ] Canclini has been one of the principal anthropologists garcia canclini hybrid cultures has treated ModernityPostmodernityand Culture from the Latin American perspective.

One of his best-known works, Consumidores y ciudadanos Consumers and Citizens defines consumption as "the set of socio-cultural processes in which the appropriation and uses of products are carried out.

These states regard themselves caught between traditions that have not garcia canclini hybrid cultures gone and a modernity that has not yet arrived.