Gandirea laterala. Editia a III-a [Edward de Bono] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Termenul de gandire laterala a aparut in si isi. Edward De Bono, ) It is a simple and effective system that Edward de Bono - Gandirea Edward+de+Bono+. +Six+Frames. EMINESCU INTERZIS. GANDIREA POLITICA (PDF).pdf · Vladimir Volkoff Defectele Democratiei · Drept comparat ·


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Ayer, on the subject of effective democracy.


Possibilities by Edward de Bonodepicting a lecture to an audience of viewers released from a cryogenic freeze for contemporary society in the year Schools from over 20 countries have included de Bono's thinking tools into their gandirea laterala edward de bono, [6] and he has advised and lectured at board level at many of the world's leading corporations.

Convinced that a key way forward for humanity is better language, he published The Edward de Bono Code Book in In this book, he proposed a suite of new words based on numbers, where each number combination represents a useful idea gandirea laterala edward de bono situation that currently does not have a single-word representation.


Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. September Gandirea laterala edward de bono how and when to remove this template message Inde Bono advised a UK Foreign Office committee that the Arab—Israeli conflict might be due, in part, to low levels of zinc found in people who eat unleavened bread e.

Gândirea laterală by Blanaru Victor on Prezi

De Bono argues that low zinc levels leads gandirea laterala edward de bono heightened aggression. He suggested shipping out jars of Marmite to compensate.

He put forward the idea of private currency as a claim on products or services produced by the issuer. To make such a scheme work, IBM would have to learn to manage the supply of money to ensure that—with too many vouchers chasing too few goods—inflation does not destroy gandirea laterala edward de bono value of their creations.

For example, one could challenge the handles on coffee cups: The reason for the handle seems to be that the cup is often too hot to hold directly; perhaps coffee cups could be made with insulated finger grips, or there could be separate coffee-cup holders similar to beer holders, or coffee shouldn't be so hot in the first place.


This tool systematically expands the range and number of concepts in order to end gandirea laterala edward de bono with a very broad range of ideas to consider. Disproving Based on the idea that the majority is always wrong as suggested by Henrik Ibsen [7] and by John Kenneth Galbraith [8]take anything that is obvious and generally accepted as "goes without saying", question it, take an opposite view, and try to convincingly disprove it.

This technique is similar to de Bono's "Black Hat" of Six Thinking Hatswhich looks at identifying reasons to be cautious and conservative. Problem solving[ edit ] Problem Solving When something creates a problem, the performance or the status quo of the situation drops.

Problem-solving deals with finding out what caused the problem and then figuring out ways gandirea laterala edward de bono fix the problem.

Lateral thinking

The objective is to get the situation to where it should be. For example, a production line has an established run rate of items per hour.

Suddenly, the run rate drops to items per hour.

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Ideas as to why this happened and solutions to repair the production line must be thought of, such as giving the worker a pay raise.

Creative Problem Solving Using creativityone must solve a problem in an indirect and unconventional manner.

Edward de Bono

For example, if a production line produced books per hour, creative problem solving could find ways to produce more books per hour, use the production line, or reduce the cost to run gandirea laterala edward de bono production line.

Lateral Problem "Solving" Lateral thinking will often produce solutions whereby the problem appears as "obvious" in hindsight. That lateral thinking will often lead to problems that you never knew you had, or it will solve simple problems that have a huge potential.