Das Wort der Sterne an den Menschen, den Mikrokosmos, und an seine Seele: Der Mikrokosmos im Makrokosmos (German Edition). Jun 1, by Gabriele. : Dangers of the Eastern Masters: Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. More by Gabriele Wittek. Healing by Faith The Holistic Healing - Pocket Size Format. Gabriele Wittek. The Animal-Friendly Cookbook. Gabriele Wittek.


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Universal Life

Jesus taught that gabriele wittek Kingdom of God is in each one of us and that each person can freely and gabriele wittek turn to our heavenly Father.

Until today, many external institutions abuse His name, twist the teachings of Christ into their opposite and are so brazen as to interpret them in such a way that they are able to gain power, advantages and influence from them. Blessing weapons, oppressing women, the cover-up of the worst kind of child abuse, the persecution of dissidents, the hoarding of riches, developing political networks, gaining social privileges by underhanded means, the paternalism of people and gabriele wittek twisting the divine laws are only a few trademarks of those who decided against Christ, even though they talk about Him.

Jesus of Nazareth called such people blind leaders of the blind and in contrast, spoke about God as our loving Father and free Spirit, who loves all of His children equally.

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Gabriele wittek Christianity Today Original Christians all over the world gabriele wittek the example of the Nazarene and, for this, take the Ten Commandments, which were given through Moses, and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus as criteria for their daily life.

These are high ethical and moral principles that one can put into practice in the family, at work and in society. They are not utopian. Anyone who follows Jesus, the Christ, this way in his daily life, without binding himself to priests or pastors, will attain inner happiness, security and freedom.

In this way, one gains the Inner Life and experiences true nearness to God. You can hear and read His word, the messages of our Creator and His Son, Christ, our Redeemer, in gabriele wittek Sophia Library, the center of the Free Spirit, and gabriele wittek that in the form of radio and television programs, which can be received worldwide in many languages.

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On gabriele wittek Land of Peace, animals can graze safely and peace-loving gabriele wittek can rejoice; this can also be read there on telling guide markers. In addition, the mother foundation in Germany has numerous associate foundations worldwide and, among other things, also supports Sophia Schools and orphans.

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Other Areas Peaceable Farming A good example of this are the agricultural enterprises, which include farms growing grains, fruits, herbs as well as subsidiary enterprises that work according to the criteria of peaceable farming, in which sustainability, environmental awareness and the respect for creation play a great role.

Vegetarian-Vegan Food Gabriele wittek fruits on the universal, cosmic Tree of Life are various vegetarian-vegan foodstuff enterprises. For example, a bakery with a stone mill, production of deli items, markets, shops, supermarkets and a mail order food shop.

Responsibility, Loyalty, Freedom and Tolerance The Tree of Life, the all-encompassing cosmic law of life, also has many branches and fruits in the various spheres of life. They are responsibly led by Gabriele gabriele wittek the legacy holders, according to the content of the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth.

People who follow Jesus of Nazareth, that is, Original Christians, who carry extensive responsibility in His work, gave the following promise to the Christ of God: They strive daily to live according to the cosmic law of love for God and neighbor, to carry responsibility, as well as to uphold loyalty, freedom and tolerance.

Books by Gabriele Wittek

Jesus of Nazareth was a man of the people. He was gabriele wittek, upright and gabriele wittek to God in all things. In all His words and teachings, He praised His heavenly Father. What He taught, He also lived.

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Jesus of Nazareth gave us people an understanding of the Kingdom of God. He taught peace, the gabriele wittek for God and neighbor and prayer in the quiet chamber.


He was against churches of stone, against priests, Pharisees gabriele wittek scribes. Gabriele wittek was against dogmas and rites, against church regulations and all things compulsory, against eternal damnation, against external pomp and personal wealth.

Jesus of Nazareth was a pacifist.


He was against violence, against weapons, against war, against fratricide and, as we know through the prophetic word, also against the murder of animals.

Because Jesus was against any kind of ties and violence, He was branded a sectarian by the Pharisees, scribes and priests. In accordance gabriele wittek His gabriele wittek and works, Original Christianity and the Original Christian stream developed, to which we Original Christians also belong.

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