This is a list of fictional nations and countries from the Forgotten Realms setting. These nations .. Tethyr is a country on the Sword Coast (western coast) of the continent of Faerûn. There is an important elven population in its forests that  ‎Evermeet · ‎Moonshae Isles · ‎Murghôm · ‎Narfell. The Sword Coast is a fictional region in Dungeons & Dragons-based Forgotten Realms campaign setting. It is a portion of the northwestern coast of Faerûn, and. This is a list of fictional regions, geographical features, and other locations on the continent of Faerûn from the Forgotten Realms setting. These locations have appeared in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting .. It is situated west of the Silver Marches and east of the Sword Coast, where the cities of Neverwinter and.


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It is theoretically a subject territory of Mulhorand. Its second largest city is Phannaskul and another major town is the heavily militarized Port Ghaast.

List of regions in Faerûn

There is no mention of Beys in the Third-Edition materials. The Third-Edition materials seem to suggest a mixture of Egyptian and Cossack culture that may not have a real-world equivalent.


Maybe the relationship is something like this: Murghom is to Mulhorand forgotten realms sword coast Cossack is to Russia not Turkey. Mulhorand is the imperial state that keeps trying to exert more control over its free-spirited and wild frontiersmen.

But the Earth history analogy really shouldn't be taken too far. Narfell lies in the Cold Lands region but was once the heart of a vast empire that stretched from the Giantspire Mountains to Forgotten realms sword coast Ashane and included the Great Dalemuch of Theskpart of the Plateau of Thaywhat would become Impilturand other lands.

In its height of power, Narfell was ruled by evil priests. They maintained their power through horrid blood-pacts with demon lords, gaining the control of demonic armies. This once great civilization fell over 1, years ago in a terrific battle with its ancient enemy, Raumathar.

He then began to conquer the surrounding Nar kingdoms, bringing them under his forgotten realms sword coast. This final war resulted in the destruction of both empires. The empire's few survivors fled to Narfell's current borders, vowing to rebuild their mighty realm.

That dream, however, has long since faded.

List of Forgotten Realms nations

Now, Narfell is a frigid land of barbarian tribes who have little or no knowledge whatsoever of their grand and sinister past, preoccupied as they are with simply surviving the region's harsh and bitter winters. Trade is minimal, but merchants who do not wish to traverse the empire of Thesk sometimes pass through Narfell instead by way of the Long Road.

From that point, the road continues on forgotten realms sword coast Nathoud, which stands in the shadows of forgotten realms sword coast Icerim Mountains in northern Rashemen.

The Giant Gap, as the road is commonly called, is virtually impassable in the winter and is plagued by hobgoblins.

For one tenday every summer, this plain turns into a bustling city consisting of over 30, Nars. Also called Forgotten realms sword coast, this festival is the largest and most important holiday in all of Narfell; even the cruelest and most fierce Nar tribes come to drink, feast, and trade together.

The deceptive inhabitants, called Nimbrali, are expatriates from Halruaafocusing heavily on the school of illusion, and are all accomplished forgotten realms sword coast. It seems their prolonged contact with magic changed their mage into something else than humans.

Nimbral illusionists do not have any forbidden school of magic.

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Prespur is an isle located in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Tharsult is an island of unscrupulous traders, located in the Shining Sea, with the capital of Urbeth. IllefarnImaskarand Netheril were also major Lost Empires. Its forgotten realms sword coast city, Hastarl, was located at the junction of the Unicorn Run and the River Delimbiyr, a site now occupied by the village of Secomber.

Coramshan is the ancestor of Calimshan.