The Feuerstein Method is comprised of two applied learning systems; the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) and Instrumental Enrichment (IE). Each instrument teaches the user a vital cognitive strategy; to gather and apply information, to strategize, to problem solve – to learn. Reuven Feuerstein was an Israeli clinical, developmental, and cognitive psychologist, known 10) Feuerstein elaborated new methods of evaluation as well as new teaching tools, known today as dynamic assessment. education and meeting  Nationality‎: ‎Israeli. The Feuerstein Method is the only educational method that teaches students the process behind thinking and learning skills in an organized, structured way.


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Why It Is Different? The LPAD not only measures potential but also provides perspective on the perspective on the best methods of intervention for the examinee's learning ability to grow. The LPAD instruments include all of the important forms of information processing - feuerstein method, pictorial, numerical, figural, symbolic and feuerstein method.

How an examinee feuerstein method them tell us much about their individual style of learning. Want to learn more? For more detailed description, please visit the website of Feuerstein Institute. Programs The fundamental assumption of the IE program is that intelligence is modifiable, not fixed.

It has been successfully used worldwide as a tool for the enhancement of learning potential and cognitive functioning of children and adults.

To date, the IE program has been successfully used in the following frameworks: Enrichment programs for underachieving, regular and gifted children Learning enhancement programs for immigrant and cultural minority students Remedial programs for special needs children Cognitive rehabilitation of brain injured individuals and psychiatric patients Professional training and retraining programs in the industrial, military and business sectors Feuerstein method It Works?

There are three sets of Instrumental Enrichment programs: During the IE feuerstein method, a trained Feuerstein mediator leads learners through increasingly complex cognitive tasks and works with them on how to analyze a problem and how to solve it systematically.

Feuerstein Method

Feuerstein method Basic IE Basic consists of a set of playful learning activities that develop basic concepts and thinking skills of younger children and low-functioning individuals. Learners explore the operations of comparison, orientation in space, analysis of geometric shapes, numerical skills, empathy for others and the like — all with the help of a mediator who guides the learners to develop strategies for problem solving and analytical thinking.

IE Standard IE Feuerstein method is a series of structured paper-and-pencil tasks that gradually increase in levels of difficulty and abstraction.

Each set of tasks focuses on a specific cognitive area such as analytic perception, comparison and classification and so on.

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The Feuerstein Method - The MindCAP Center | Unleashing the Limitless Potential of Every Person

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