Author Eva Fejos Shares Excerpt of Vacation to Naples . Eva Fejos is a Hungarian writer and journalist. Karibi nyár (Caribbean Summer). KARIBI NYAR BY FEJOS EVA [FEJOS EVA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The latest Tweets from Eva Fejos (@fejoseva). Writer Eva Fejos @fejoseva 3 Apr A Karibi nyár új kiadása 25% kedvezménnyel kapható az Erawan.


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Karibi nyár

Don't miss the excerpt following her interview. My heroines are brave women, who are as everyday people as us, but they can change their life. My readers are mostly women but it was really surprising for me when I discovered that approximately percent of my readers are men in Hungary. I often get feedback from my readers, that after they read a book written by me, they could make big fejos eva karibi nyar easier.

Strand's Simply Tips: WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Eva Fejos, Author

They got power and strength from my characters and from the story. And as in our lives, the relationships are important for my heroes, too.

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My heroines are looking for themselves in the novel — and a love is a bonus for them, as it is in our lives… Q: How do you convince readers to care about them? The sharp transitions and jumps manage themselves somehow, usually at the right places.

But sooner or later they meet, and often I too am surprised by fejos eva karibi nyar they connect. How important is the setting of Bangkok to telling your story?


Could it take place in any city? This story could not have taken place anywhere else.

Do you write to deliver a message as well as to entertain? Fejos eva karibi nyar so, what message do you want readers to receive?

But I know that despite this, somehow I send an important message by my novels to readers: For example, one of my readers decided to change her life after she had read The Mexican. She moved there and started to follow her childhood dreams.

Fictionella Fifteen with Eva Fejos — Fictionella

She liked the sweetish smell of the attic. Now that her old room functioned as storage, her childhood all came back to her here, in the attic. Like an Italian film star. Black hair, snow white skin, an attractive fejos eva karibi nyar, and a sweet but still somehow erotic smile.

A young man stood beside her. He was masculine, but still more a boy than a mature man.

It took a second glance to realize that the man was not her fejos eva karibi nyar. But she suddenly changed her mind and plucked only the black and white photo from between her fingers.

Niki noticed a date on the back of the photo: A quick calculation told her that her mother had been eighteen then.

Where was this taken? And who is he?