Building teams through team building activities which is based on experiential learning, is one of the most important strategic tools which help HR managers. True experiential learning uses intrinsic situations to lead students into an interactive learning enviroment that may be consider a training. Many theorists propose that we learn from our experiences that is, that effective perception and processing of experiences improves.


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Index to Group Activities, Games, Exercises & Initiatives

Using Games in Negotiation Training In contrast to other similar providers, we offer both game-based experiential sessions in the experiential learning games as well as online and blended learning.

Negotiating the Refugee Crisis This is a six-party multilateral political simulation, done in real time with digital support. How it's done Participants experience in a social simulation interacting with peers and mutually influenced.

Thinking Each experiential cycle is followed by analysis to reflect and conceptualise hypothesis and conclusions. Learning The process of testing and confirming hypothesis automatically becomes part of experiential learning games learnings and acquired knowledge.


This website has been constructed for doing exactly that. Read and start to tackle learning the way it is described here - the way real learning is meant to be! Would you experiential learning games to get your own sourdough starter?

Start to think of learning as being fun.


In fact start to think of learning as being as much fun as play. It is isn't it?

Experiential Learning for Technical Training — The Thiagi Group

Remember what a thrill you got when you understood a concept and used it to make something of your own? Integration of these experiential learning games into real-world application.

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Kolb developed his experiential model, as opposed to a purer cognitive one, following the experiential learning games of Experiential learning games and Piaget [2].

Kolb formally recognised that people learn from experience and described learning as following a cycle of stages: Interactive Lectures involve participants in the learning process while providing complete control to the instructor.

These activities enable a quick and easy conversion of a passive technical presentation into an interactive experience.

Different types of interactive lectures incorporate built-in quizzes, interspersed experiential learning games, teamwork interludes, and participant control of the presentation. Object Lessons incorporate physical objects and equipment as the main source of training content.

Working individually or in teams, the participants explore the components and functions experiential learning games the object. As a result, they master skills and knowledge associated with effective use of the object.

Pair Learning is based on the extreme programming methodology in software design.

Training Games - Your training solution laboratory & game design agency.

This strategy involves two people working experiential learning games the same computer, sharing a single keyboard. Paired learning between an expert and a novice results in the latter learning new technical skills.

Paired learning between people from different technical fields results in more effective collaboration skills. Procedural Simulations are dress rehearsals of real-world events, such experiential learning games making a technical presentation to a client, troubleshooting a piece of equipment, or providing emergency technical assistance.


By working through these simulations, participants get ready for real-world events. Production Simulations involve the design and development of a product such as a piece of metalwork or a report experiential learning games a database.

Different teams may compete with each other to create the best product.