Here are some of our favorite Excel tricks we think you'll find useful. Remove Duplicates. Excel Wild Card Searches. Using Index and Match to Search Your Spreadsheet. Proper. Lock References Using the Dollar Sign. Concatenate. If Statements. Conditional Formatting.‎Excel Wild Card Searches · ‎Using Index and Match to · ‎If Statements · ‎3-D Sum. Be more productive with Microsoft Excel with these Excel tips and tricks. Take the data in your spreadsheet to the next level. These are the top 10 Excel tricks and tips as determined by experts and usage data of several hundred thousand Excel users.


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For example, if you had a set of survey results, you could use COUNTIF to count the number of excel tricks where the respondent is female using: You can get to the Conditional Formatting area via the Home ribbon.

7 Excel Tricks to Make You a Power User | WordStream

Hover over Icon Sets and click More rules. Create the rules that determine which icon is used when. For each week, you have a separate tab within the spreadsheet the tab for the first week is Week 1, the excel tricks for the second week is Week 2, and so on.

Using 3-D sum, you can add excel tricks your total expenditures — for example, you might want to know the total amount you spent on gas over the course of several weeks.

Excel tips & tricks - Office Support

B10 Goal Seek The Goal Seek function is excel tricks for determining the conditions needed for a specific outcome. Given my sales in January through March, what do I need to sell in April to meet a certain threshold? While this example was simple and somewhat trivialthe Goal Seek excel tricks frequently used by consultants, sales professionals, and anyone interested in optimizing an unknown value.

Sparklines Sparklines are charts that provide simple visualization of your data. You can embed pretty much an entire chart into one cell, which allows you to see what your data looks like at a very high-level.

You can choose to create three types of Sparklines: Excel Tricks Takeaways Despite the proliferation of specialized tools, we find Excel highly excel tricks and therefore use it often. I understand that knot in your gut when you hear the word "Excel. That's why this infographic I came across is so good.

12 Excel Tricks You Need to Know -- And Probably Don't

Make excel tricks your Excel skills excel tricks rather than hinder your career prospects. Here are 7 Excel tricks that every office worker should know. Charting If you're going to present data to stakeholders, then it pays to make it look professional.

The Recommended Charts tool offers basic visualization, giving stakeholders a clear understanding of data trends. You can show them excel tricks bigger picture by placing different charts together onto excel tricks sheet.

Conditional Formatting With this tool, you can easily highlight points of interest within your dataset.

The choices are endless, and you can customize the rules to fit your excel tricks. Quick Analysis This tool speeds up the process of working with small data sets, minimizing the time spent on creating charts.


After selecting your data, you can access tools excel tricks formatting, charts, tables, totals, and Sparklines. Select your data and click on the icon in the bottom right corner to bring up the Quick Analysis menu.