A note is just what it sounds like—any piece of information you want to save for later. You can keep pretty much any type of content in a. The odds are that the great majority of your notes in Evernote are short pieces of text. Draft letters. Shopping lists. Notes you made when. There is more than one way to share notes via email: Email from within Evernote Copy and paste a public link (URL) into an email Send.


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Download Evernote for free | Evernote

There's much more to backing up than copying notes, though, so AppleInsider shows you how to be certain you save everything. It seems as if the Evernote company evernote note as always been in trouble but this month we've learned that it's shed several key people.

Given that this is a software company that is also trying evernote note as raise investment money, these are two crucial roles to be vacated.

Hopefully the company evernote note as be fine and in which case regard the following as sensible advice for just backing up your data.

If the firm ever isn't okay, though, then you may need to get your notes out of Evernote and potentially in a hurry.

Transfer from Evernote | Standard Notes

Evernote has long made it simple to export your notes. Only, there are devils in many different details and to get all of the data both out of Evernote and into somewhere else that you can actually use it is a bigger task than the company suggests.

You're going to have to do this on a Mac. The iOS version of Evernote is not able to export notes en masse, Nor is the online version evernote note as evernote. Also, you're going to need somewhere to put all these notes. There's also the fact that between them they demonstrate the different evernote note as you can expect to import Evernote data into any app.

Looking for an encrypted Evernote alternative?

The theory The odds are that the great majority of your notes in Evernote are short pieces of text. Evernote note as you made when someone phoned. In theory, all of these can immediately go over to any other note taking app.

Don't do this yet, but the idea is that you can open Evernote on your Mac, then click on Evernote note as Notes toward the bottom of the left-hand navigation column. Then click in a blank space in the All Notes column that appears.

If you do this then Evernote tells you how many notes you've got and offers several options in a series of buttons such as Save Attachments or Move Notes To.

Evernote might be in trouble, so here's how to get your notes out of it completely and safely

Instead, go to File and choose Export Notes. This takes you to a regular Save dialog and you need to pick somewhere on your Mac that you can export all evernote note as notes to. They will be saved as a single file, you're not going to suddenly find —in our case —7, individual note documents filling up our desktop.

Actually, you're not going to suddenly find anything: That's one reason we're saying you shouldn't do this yet, but when evernote note as do, you end up with a single file in Evernote's.

Then according to all Evernote's support documentation, you just import that file into your notes app of choice and you're done. The practice Doing it in this official way is very slow and that.

Evernote lets you create notes evernote note as you put into a notebook, for evernote note as, and you can then have a stack that contains notebooks.


None of that organization survives the export. So you may end up with just one Evernote. That means the slowness of exporting it all may be equalled by the slowness of importing that lot into another app —and both will be dwarfed by the time it takes you sort out evernote note as mess.

For that reason, and more, do your export from Evernote piecemeal. Rather than clicking on All Notes, choose Notebooks instead. Evernote note as get a list of all your notebooks with title, number of notes and the date you last created or modified a note in there.


Right click anywhere on that line and choose Export Notes from. The first one we did, for instance, was our folder called Invoices so the right-click menu item was Export Notes from "Invoices. This is probably going to be quite quick as any one notebook is only going to contain a fraction of evernote note as notes you have in total.