Eusebius of Caesarea's Demonstratio Evangelica or “Proof of the Gospel” is an apologetic and dogmatic work of which only a fragment remains. The proof of the Gospel, being the Demonstratio evangelica;. by Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. ca. ; Ferrar, William. Grant then, dear friend, my request, and labour with rue henceforward in your prayers in my effort to present the Proof of the Gospel from the prophecies extant.


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The proof of the Gospel, being the Demonstratio evangelica;

For since God, Who is alone good and the Source and Spring of everything good, had willed to make many partakers of His own treasures, He purposed to create the whole reasoning creation, comprising unembodied, intelligent and divine powers, angels and archangels, spirits immaterial and in all ways pure, and souls of men as well endued with undetermined liberty of Free-willed Choice between right and wrong, and to give them whatever bodily organs they were to possess, suitable to the variety of their lives, eusebius proof of the gospel countries and places natural to them all.

For to those who had remained eusebius proof of the gospel He gave the best places, and to those who did not He gave fit abodes, places of discipline for their perverse inclinations.

He, foreseeing the future in His foreknowledge, as God must, and aware that as in a vast body all these things about to be would need a head, thought that He ought eusebius proof of the gospel subordinate them all to One Governor of the Whole Creation, ruler and king of the Universe, as also the holy oracles of the earliest Hebrew theologians and prophets mystically teach.

From which it is to be learned, that there is one principle of the Universe, nay more, one even before the principle, and born before the first, and of earlier being than the Monad, and greater than every Name, Who cannot be named, nor explained, nor sought out, the good, the cause of all, the Creator, the Eusebius proof of the gospel, the Prescient, the Saving, Himself the One and Only God, from Whom are all things, and for Whom are all things: For it comes of His will, and He wills it, because He happens to be good by nature.

The Proof of the Gospel: Two Volumes in One

For nothing else is essential by nature to a good person except to will what is good. And what He wills, He can effect. Eusebius proof of the gospel, having both the will and the power, He has ordained for Himself, without let or hindrance, everything beautiful and useful both in the visible and invisible world, making His own Will and Power as it were a kind of material and substratum of the genesis and constitution of the Universe, so that it is no longer reasonable to say that anything that exists eusebius proof of the gospel have come from the non-existent, for that which came from the non-existent would not be anything.

For how could that which is non-existent cause something else to exist?

The Proof of the Gospel: Two Volumes in One by Eusebius

Everything that has ever existed or now exists derives its being from the One, the only existent and pre-existent Being, Who also said: AND then He makes first of all existences next to Himself His child, the first-born Wisdom, altogether formed of Mind and Reason and Wisdom, or rather Mind itself, Reason itself, and Wisdom itself, and if it be right to conceive anything else among things that have come into being b that is Beauty itself, and Good itself, taking it from Himself, He lays it Himself as the first foundation of what is to come into being afterwards, lie is the perfect creation of a perfect Creator, the wise edifice of a wise Builder, the good Child of a good Father, and assuredly to them that afterwards should receive existence through Him, friend and guardian, saviour and physician, and helmsman holding the rudder-lines of the creation of the universe.

For in multiplicity will arise otherness and difference and the introduction of the worse. And eusebius proof of the gospel it must be that the One God is eusebius proof of the gospel Father of one perfect and only-begotten Son, and not of more Gods or sons. Even so, light being of one essence, we are absolutely obliged to regard eusebius proof of the gospel perfect thing that is begotten of light to be one also.

For what other thing would it be possible to conceive of as begotten of light, but the ray only, which proceeds from it, and fills and enlightens all things?

Everything surely c that is foreign to this would be darkness and not light.

Eusebius of Caesarea: Demonstratio Evangelica. Tr. W.J. Ferrar -- Book 3

And analogously to this there can be nothing like unto, nor a true copy of, the Supreme Father, Who is unspeakable light, except as regards this one thing only, Whom we are able to call the Son.

For He is the radiance of the eternal light, and the unblurred mirror of the activity of God, and the image of His goodness. Wherefore it was said: And the ray has its range of activity solely from the light, whereas d the Son is something different from a channel of energy, having His Eusebius proof of the gospel in Himself.

Eusebius proof of the gospel, moreover, the ray is coexistent with the light, being a kind of complement thereof; for there could be no light without a ray: But the Father precedes the Son, and has preceded Him in existence, inasmuch as He alone is unbegotten.

The Proof of the Gospel: Being the Demonstratio Evangelica of Eusebius of Cæsarea

The One, perfect in Himself and first in order as Father, and the cause of the Son's existence, receives nothing towards the completeness of His Godhead from the Son: And, moreover, the ray does not shine forth from the light by its deliberate choice, but because of something which is an inseparable accident of its essence: For God willed to beget a Son, and established a second light, in all things made like unto Himself.

Since, then, the unbegotten and eternal light is one, how could there be any other image of it, except the ray, which itself is light, preserving eusebius proof of the gospel all respects its likeness to its prototype?


eusebius proof of the gospel And how could b there be an image of the One itself, unless it were the same as it in being one? So that a likeness is implied not only of the essence of the first, but also one of numerical quantity, for one perfect Being comes of the one eternal light, and the first and only-begotten Issue was not different eusebius proof of the gospel many, and it is this very Being to Which, after that Being which had no origin or beginning, we give the names of God, the Perfect, the Good: For we should c have to agree that from the one fragrance of any particular object that breathes it forth, the sweet odour shed forth on all is one and the same, not diverse and many.

So it is right to suppose that from the first and only Good, Which is Almighty God, is supplied an odour divine and life-giving, perceptible by mind and understanding, which is one and not many.

For what variation could there be from this complete likeness to the Father, except one that was a declension and an inferiority; a supposition that we must not admit into our theology of the Son: