EVP, meaning Employee Value Proposition, is a set of values that you, as an employer, offer to your employees, and use as a magnet for. Minchington defines an employee value proposition (EVP) (or employer value proposition) as a set of associations and offerings provided by an organization in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to the organization. With a tight labor market, the concept of an "employee value proposition" seems to be regaining traction. EVP could be dismissed as just the.


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What is Employee Value Proposition (EVP) All About?

An EVP must be unique, relevant and compelling if it is to act as a key driver of talent attraction, engagement and retention. Importance of Employee Value Proposition EVP Since attracting employee value proposition talent is harder than ever, consistent and efficient communication of Employee value proposition Value Proposition has become extremely importan Many recruiters and other HR Professionals now have planned strategies for communicating their EVP and Employer Brand with current and potential future candidates.

Relatively new method for easier and more efficient delivery of these employer messages is called Inbound Recruiting, and the whole concept employee value proposition using marketing methodologies to recruit and hire is called Recruitment Marketing.

What exactly is the meaning of EVP? Why is your company a great place to work at?


EVP means so much more! Employee Value Proposition EVP is a comprehensive offering that companies provide to their employee value proposition, which has 5 main components: Important factors are also a sense of autonomy and personal achievement and following recognition.

EVP: Employee Value Proposition

In a broad sense, this component of Employee Value Proposition EVP also includes an alignment with company's goals and plans with special emphasis on social responsibility. It will guide you through the whole process of defining your company's Employee Value Proposition EVP and provide useful tips from recruiting professionals.

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This persona is formed by defining the characteristics, skills, and traits that make up your perfect hire. In order to successfully define your candidate persona, it is not enough to simply imagine a person that would be a perfect fit for your job.

It is crucial to imagine a person who would also be the best fit for your employee value proposition culture. Get our guide for defining candidate persona! What kind of career employee value proposition opportunities is this candidate persona looking for?


What is the great company culture for this candidate persona? The EVP should be actively communicated in all recruitment efforts, and in letters offering employment, the EVP should take the focus off of compensation as the primary "offer".

Personal job satisfaction is driven by employee value proposition more than financial factors such as salary and benefits. An employee value proposition EVP has thus been described as "critical to attracting, retaining and engaging quality people".