Efreeti. DnD An image of an efreet. In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the efreeti (plural: efreet) is a type of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the original Monster Manual . The efreeti appeared in the third edition Monster Manual , and appear in the revised Monster. 5e 4e Efreeti General Information Vision Darkvision Activity Cycle Day Diet Omnivore Homeland(s) 5th Edition Statistics . Monster Manual 5th edition. Earth: Dao; Air: Djinni; Fire: Efreeti; Water: Marid; .. Based off Variant: Genie Powers in the Dungeon Masters Guide, page


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Only a few can be found on the Material Plane. The rest reside on the Elemental Planeswhere they rule from lavish palaces and are attended by worshipful slaves.

Efreeti (Dungeons & Dragons) - Wikipedia

Genies are as brilliant as they are mighty, as proud as they are majestic. Haughty and decadent, they have a profound sense of entitlement that stems from the knowledge that few creatures except the gods and other genies can challenge their power.

Creatures of the Elements. A genie is born when the efreet d&d 5e players handbook of a sentient living creature melds with the primordial matter of an elemental plane. Only under rare circumstances does such an elemental-infused soul coalesce into a manifest form and create a genie.

A genie usually retains no connection to the soul that gave it form.

D&D 5th Edition

That life force is a building block that determines the genie's form and apparent gender, as well as one or two key personality traits.

Although they resemble humanoid beings, efreet d&d 5e players handbook are elemental spirits given physical form. They don't mate with other genies or produce genie offspring, as all new genies are born out of the same mysterious fusion of spirit energy and elemental power.


A genie with a stronger connection to its efreet d&d 5e players handbook soul might choose to sire a child with a mortal, although such offspring are rare. When a genie perishes, it leaves nothing behind except what it was wearing or carrying, along with a small trace of its native element: Rule or Be Ruled.

Mortal slaves serve to validate a genie's efreet d&d 5e players handbook and high self-opinion. A hundred flattering voices are music to a genie's ears, while two hundred mortal slaves prostrated at its feet are proof that it is lord and master.

Genies view slaves as living property, and a genie without property amounts to nothing among its own kind. As a result, many genies treasure their slaves, treating them as honored members of their households.

Evil genies freely threaten and abuse their slaves, but never to the extent that the slaves are no longer of use.

In contrast to their love of slaves, most genies loathe being bound to service themselves. A genie obeys the will of another only when bribed or compelled by magic. All genies command the power of their native element, but a rare few also possess the power to grant wishes.

For both these reasons, mortal mages often seek to bind genies into service. Noble genies are the rarest of efreet d&d 5e players handbook kind.


They are used to getting what they want and have learned to trade their ability to grant wishes to attain the objects of their desire. This constant indulgence has made them decadent, while their supreme power over reality makes them haughty and arrogant.

Their vast palaces overflow with wonders and sensory delights beyond imagination. Noble genies cultivate the jealousy and envy of other genies, asserting their superiority at efreet d&d 5e players handbook opportunity.