This becomes very difficult if the html page is complex, eg with precisely positioned elements or images. However if (as in the example). Notes panel. “Save as HTML” button. The notes added to the books of ePub, MOBI and FB2 format can be saved as HTML file. Such information as text, to which. DOCTYPE html> html> My Web width=device-width, , 12/, Removed "outline:0" from buttons.


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Use the Selection tool to select the button you created. In the Ebook button html panel, choose an event, such as On Release, that determines how actions are activated. Click the plus sign button next to Actions, and choose the action to assign to the event.

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Specify the settings of the action. For example, if you choose Go To First Page, specify the zoom. Some actions, such as Go To Next View, do not have additional settings.

If ebook button html, continue to add as many actions as needed to any event. In Acrobat, events are called triggers.


On Release When the mouse button is released after a click. Ebook button html is the most commonly used event, because it gives the user one last chance to drag the cursor off the button and not activate the action.

On Click When the mouse button is clicked without being released.

On Roll Off When the mouse pointer ebook button html the button area. Action types When you create an action, you indicate what happens when the specified event occurs—usually when someone clicks the button. You can assign the following actions to occur when the event type is activated: Go To Destination Jumps to the specified text anchor created using the Bookmarks or Hyperlinks panel.


See Create jumps to text anchors. Select an option from the Zoom menu to determine how the page is displayed.

See Display a different button on rollover. Video Lets you play, pause, stop, or resume the selected movie. Only movies that have been added to the document appear in the Video menu.

Sound Lets you play, ebook button html, stop, or resume the selected sound clip.

Notes panel. “Save as HTML” button – Ebook Reader

Only sound clips that have been added to the document appear in the Sound menu. Only animations that have been added to the document appear in the Animation menu.

For example, if a multi-state object includes ebook button html different images as states, you can use this action to display a particular image.

These options are especially useful for clicking through a slideshow. In the same way that a Forward button is available in a web browser only after someone clicks the Back button, this option is ebook button html only if the user has jumped to a previous view.

If you specify a file that is not PDF, the reader needs the ebook button html application to open it successfully.

Specify an absolute pathname such as C: You can change the page zoom level such as Actual Sizethe page layout such as Continuous - Facingor the rotation orientation.

Edit ebook button html delete button actions Use the Selection tool to select the button.

To deactivate actions, deselect the check box next to the item. Deactivating events and actions can be useful for ebook button html purposes. Simply double click on a file to start editing it.


One useful feature is Checkpoints. Before you embark on some ambitious set of edits, you can create a checkpoint.