Durjoy Datta is the author of If It's Not Forever. It's Not Love. ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ), Of Course I Love You!. The Girl of My Dreams is definitely not your usual love story. If you love reading thriller + romance, this is the ultimate gripping novel by Durjoy Datta! Well asking about Durjoy Dutta's best novel there is always one which strikes to my mind is your review of Durjoy Datta (Indian novelist)? Results 1 - 16 of 23 - Save 5%. prime. More Buying Choices. 60offer(84 offers). out of 5 stars · You Were My Crush!: Till You Said You Love Me!


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One durjoy datta novels a year-old girl who suffers from a fatal disease while other is a boy whose organs have stopped working due to drug abuse. Till the Last Breath is emotional and heart tearing story of the ultimate truth our lives — death.

All Durjoy Datta Books List and Latest Novel - Vowelor

The book is a tale durjoy datta novels five characters involving confusing love, friendship, mistakes and betrayal. The protagonist is Niharika who transforms herself from a girl next door into a confident and outgoing girl to set off a new journey. Someone Like You by Durjoy is a story very girl could related with.

This book revolves around the relationship of Deep, a handsome guy, durjoy datta novels Ahana, a blind girl. The story reveals the true power of love and the sacrifices one has to endure for the one they love.

Hold My Hand is all about dreams, love and hope. The novel is about a rising music sensation -Devvrat — who happens to left alone on the top of success. He resorts to drugs to fight depression.

Books by Durjoy Datta (Author of Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better)

But things change when Avanti, a flight attendant and fan, steps into his life. When Only Love Remains is an easy to read and engaging novel.


After graduating from St. Xavier's, I naturally drifted towards a career that involved films. Durjoy datta novels working on the post-production of 'Fukrey' inI was going through a tough time.

I started writing in the durjoy datta novels of the edit room. But it would take about three years, six e-mail drafts and participation in a contest before 'It Must've Been Something He Wrote' took shape. Yourself or people you know in real life?

It's a bit of both. They are usually not based entirely on one person but are a cocktail of interesting traits that I might have come across.

In the earlier books that I wrote, often the male protagonists had a strong shade of me but not anymore.

Books by Durjoy Datta

For Jishnu's character in 'It Durjoy datta novels Been Something He Wrote', I took inspiration mostly from bestselling-writers whose talent and business acumen I've been incredibly envious of. Our lives revolve around it now, and everyone's there, all durjoy datta novels time.

I mostly use it to interact with my readers and update them about my books and events. But, it's not necessary for all authors to have an online presence and many famous writers don't exist on social media.

Of durjoy datta novels, it helps to publicise a new book, but that does not match up to positive word-of-mouth coverage around a book. Answered Jan 3, Durjoy Datta is one of the most inspiring and creative authors in India.

He has written books on various subjects with the core plot being a romantic journey of two people.


It peaked at No. If It's Not Forever! The English Teacher, a short story written by him was released in August which durjoy datta novels the dangerous obsession of a young, brilliant student with his English teacher.