Request PDF on ResearchGate | Drugs and drug control in south africa | During The Drugs (Control) Act, An Act to drug means any durg as defined in. The Indian Tea Control (Amendment) Act, The whole. The Drugs (Control) Act, So much as is not repealed. Federal Bureau of Narcotics. 3. Informers Act of 4. Marihuana Tax Act. 5. Vehicle Seizure Act of 6. Opium Poppy Control Act. 7. Drug Legislation of.


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Related legislation Health Acts to The Acts in this group are: The substantive provision of this Act s. Annotations This Revised Act is annotated and includes textual and non-textual amendments, statutory instruments made pursuant to the Act and previous affecting provisions.


An explanation of how to read annotations is available at www. PRS or any persons connected with it drug control act 1950 not accept any liability arising from the use of this document. PRS or any persons connected with it shall not be in any way responsible for any loss, damage, or distress to any person on account of any action taken or not taken on the basis of this document.

An Act to provide for the control of the sate, supply and distribution drug control act 1950 drugs. Whereas ii is expedient 10 provide for the control of the sale, supply and distribution of drugs; Ii is hereby enacted as follows; — 1.

Extraordinary, dated the 1 3th March. For notification declaring the drugs specified lobe the drugs to which this Act shall apply and the fixation of the maximum retail prices therefor, see notification No.

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, - Google Libros

Extraordinary, ofPan ], pagesas subsequently amended from time to time. Short title, extent and commence- ment.

Drugs to which this Act applies. Fixing of maximum prices and maximum quart lies which may be held or sold, Res l ric drug control act 1950 5 on sale, etc. General limitation on quantity which may be possessed aL one lime.

Misuse of Drugs Act

Duty to deflate possession of excess siocfs. No dealer or producer shall — a sell, agree to sell, offer for sate or otherwise dispose of to any person any drug Tor a price or at a rate exceeding the maximum fixed by notification drug control act 1950 clause a of sub- section!


Any person having in his possession a quantity of any drug drug control act 1950 that permitted by or under this Act shall forthwith report the fact to the State Government or other officer empowered in ihis behalf by the State Government, and shall take such action as to the storage, distribution or disposal of the excess quantity as the Slate Government may direct.

No dealer or producer shall, unless previously authorised to do so by the Stale Government, without sufficient cause refuse to sell to any person any drag within the limits as toquantity, ifany, drug control act 1950 by this Act.

I The Stale Government may direct dealers or producers in general, or any dealer or producer in particular, to mark drug control act 1950 drug exposed or intended for sale with the sale prices or to exhibit drug control act 1950 the premises a price list of drugs held for sale, and may further give directions as to the manner in which any such direction as aforesaid is to be carried out.

Where a dealer or producer makes an offer to enter into a transaction for a consideration to be given as a whole in respect both of a sale of any drug and of some other matter, the dealer or producer making the offer shall state in writing the price which he assigns to that drug, if he is required to do so by any person to whom the offer is made, and the offer shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to be an offer to sell that drug at the price so stated.

Tor notification under section I2 l a of Ihc Act prohibiting the disposal of certain drugs in this State except undcrccnain conditions.