The Project Gutenberg eBook, Dracula's Guest, by Bram Stoker. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions  ‎Dracula's Guest · ‎The Judge's House · ‎The Squaw. Based upon Bram Stoker's short stories, Dracula's Guest follows the story of two young lovers, Bram and Elizabeth, who are forced by her father, the Admiral. Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories is a collection of short stories by Bram Stoker, first published in , two years after Stoker's death. The same  Pages‎: ‎


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There were no striking objects that the eye might single out, but in all there was a charm of beauty.

Dracula's Guest And Other Weird Stories

I took little heed of time, and it was only when the deepening twilight forced it self upon me that I began to think of how I should find my way home. The air was cold, and the drifting of clouds high overhead was more marked.

They were draculas guest by bram stoker by a sort of far away rushing sound, through which seemed to come at intervals that mysterious cry which the driver had said came from a wolf. For a while I hesitated.

Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker

I had said I would see the deserted village, so on I went and presently came on a wide draculas guest by bram stoker of open country, shut in by hills all around. Their sides were covered with trees which spread down to the plain, dotting in clumps the gentler slopes and hollows which showed here and there.

I followed with my eye the winding of the road and saw that it curved close to one of the densest of these clumps and was lost behind it.

As I looked there came a cold shiver in the air, and the snow began to fall. I thought of the miles and miles of bleak country I had passed, and then hurried on to seek shelter of the wood in front.


Darker and darker grew the sky, and faster and heavier fell the snow, till the earth before and around me was a glistening white carpet the further edge of which was lost in misty vagueness.

The road was here but crude, and when on the level its boundaries were not draculas guest by bram stoker marked as when it passed through the cuttings; and in a little while I found that I must have strayed from it, for I missed underfoot the hard surface, and my feet sank deeper in the grass and moss.

Then the wind grew stronger and blew with ever increasing force, till I was fain to run before it. The air became icy- cold, and in spite of my exercise I began to suffer. The snow was now falling so thickly and whirling around me in such rap id eddies that I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Every now and draculas guest by bram stoker the heavens were torn asunder by vivid lightning, and in the flashes I could see ahead of me a great mass of trees, chiefly yew and cypress all heavily coated with snow.

Presently the blackness of the storm had become merged in the darkness of draculas guest by bram stoker night. By-and-by the storm seemed to be passing away, it now only came in fierce puffs or blasts.

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At such moments the weird sound of the wolf appeared to be echoed by many similar sounds around me. It was first published insome two years after Stoker's death, as part of the book Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories, an anthology of Bram Stoker's short stories selected by his widow Florence Draculas guest by bram stoker.


It was originally excised owing to the length of the book. Analysis of the manuscript of Dracula indicates that a first chapter was removed from it.

It is likely, however, that Stoker rewrote that excised first draculas guest by bram stoker before it was published as "Dracula's Guest". The story's narrator and protagonist is an unnamed Englishman [1] who is spending some time in Munich, Germany before traveling on to Transylvania as the guest of Count Dracula.

Ignoring the warnings of a German coachman, the Englishman decides to go off on his own in the direction of a long-deserted village. The coachman says that the place is "unholy" and that it was abandoned because the dead did not stay truly dead there.