Dalits in India have organised mass protests against a Supreme Court ruling, which activists say will likely dilute a stringent law that was. The Indian Dalits attacked for wearing the wrong shoes. Image copyright Getty Images There have been protests against Dalit discrimination, which is still widespread in India. BBC Marathi Three boys were stripped and beaten for swimming in this well in Maharashtra. Getty Images Discrimination based on caste is outlawed. NEW DELHI — Hundreds of thousands of India's Dalits — once known as Untouchables — skipped work and poured into the streets this week.


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The Indian Dalits attacked for wearing the wrong shoes

There are two types of Dalits in india, the untouchable Dalits and the non-untouchable Dalits. Why did Dalits become untouchables or outcasts? The Answer is eating of cows! The reason why Dalits became outcasts is only because of slaughter of cows and eating cows.

Dalit - Wikipedia

Before the Mughal Invasion of India, except for the Dalits there was no one in India who killed or ate cows. Dalits were the people who must have migrated from somewhere entered India and would have started slaughtering the cows and eating dalits in india.

Ahi - means the one that ought not be slaughtered. Aghnya - means the one that ought not be killed.

Government data showed that by the end ofabout 90 percent of roughlycases dalits in india Dalits were still awaiting trial, Reuters news agency reported. Government data also shows that less than a tenth of the cases brought by Dalits in were proven to be false, a fact Dalit activists point out in their dalits in india of the top court.


Under huge political pressure, the government said it would seek review of the Supreme Court order. Internet dalits in india The northern Punjab state, with a sizeable Dalit population, suspended internet services until 11pm Internet services were also suspended in Rajasthan state.

Dalits in India hold protests against 'dilution' of SC/ST Act

Al Jazeera's Nilanjan Chowdhury went to Jantar Mantar in the capital, New Delhi, where thousands of people gathered to register their protest. He spoke to some dalits in india the protesters: Rakjesh Nimbal, a Dalit Community dalits in india The Dalit community in India are huge in number, they are like the elephant but look like the ant.

Why are they like a minority?


Dalits in india Constitution of India, dalits in india after the country gained independenceincluded measures to improve the socioeconomic conditions of Dalits. Aside from banning untouchability, these included the reservation system, a means of positive discrimination that created the classifications of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes OBCs.

Communities that were categorised as being one of those groups were guaranteed a percentage of the seats in the national and state legislatures, as well as in government jobs and places of education.

The system has its origins in the Poona Pact between Ambedkar and Gandhi, when Ambedkar conceded his demand that the Dalits should have an electorate separate from the caste Hindus in return for Gandhi accepting measures along these lines.

According to a report by Human Rights Watch HRWthe treatment of Dalits has been like a "hidden apartheid" and that they "endure segregation in housing, schools, and access to public services".

In rural Dalits in india, stated Klaus Klostermaier in"they still live in secluded dalits in india, do the dirtiest work, and are not allowed to use the village well and other common facilities".

In urban areas, Some Dalit intellectuals, such as Chandra Bhan Prasadhave argued that the living standards of many Dalits have improved since the economic system became more liberalized starting in and have supported their claims through large surveys.

While 45 per cent of SC households are landless and earn a living by manual casual labour, the figure is dalits in india per cent for Adivasis. In 79 per cent of the schools studied, Dalit children are forbidden from touching mid-day meals.

They are required to sit separately at lunch in 35 per cent of schools, and are required to eat with specially marked plates in 28 per cent.

Dalits in India hold protests against 'dilution' of SC/ST Act | News | Al Jazeera

A sample survey of Dalits, conducted over several months in Madhya Pradesh and funded by ActionAid infound that health field workers did not visit 65 per cent of Dalit settlements.

The percentage is highest in Maharashtra 50 per centKarnataka The article noted that non-Dalit families claimed they do not treat Dalits differently. A carpenter caste dalits in india said, "We dalits in india them anything and they tell us you are pointing fingers at us because of our caste; we all live together, and there are bound to be fights, but they think we target them.

Aside from the Constitutional abolition of untouchability, there has been the Untouchability Offences Act ofwhich was amended in the same year to become the Protection of Civil Rights Act.


Its purpose was to curb and punish violence against Dalits, including humiliations such as the forced consumption of noxious substances. Other atrocities included forced labour, denial of dalits in india to water and other public amenities, and sexual abuse.