Complete summary of Ernest Hemingway's Cross-Country Snow. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Cross-Country Snow. Cross Country Snow has 32 ratings and 5 reviews. Thomas said: A Hemingway story in which Nick Adams and his friend George ski together in Switzerland. No. In Our Time Summary. Nick, possibly Nick Adams, and Uncle George ski out. Nick tries to express how much he loves skiing.


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Why Everyone Should Read Cross Country Snow

Whether George is naturally taciturn or Nick overly enthusiastic, their ability to cross country snow enjoy the outdoor experience bonds them deeply. Some of the language that Hemingway uses transports you back almost instantly to your last ski trip with perfect conditions: The true conflict of the piece is that of what a person wants to do cross country snow what they must do.


The wish to spend life cross country snow a more nomadic lifestyle, skiing more often and not returning to their responsibilities is a thought had by almost everyone who has stepped out on to the piste. Through the woods they could see a long, low-eaved, weather-beaten building.


Through the trees it was painted green. The paint was peeling. Nick knocked his clamps loose with one of his ski sticks and kicked off the skis.

Cross Country Snow by Ernest Hemingway

He climbed the steep road with the skis on his shoulder, kicking his heel nails into the icy footing. He heard George breathing and kicking in his heels just behind him.

Inside it was quite dark. A big porcelain stove shone in the corner of the room. There was cross country snow low ceiling.

Cross Country Snow by on Prezi

Smooth benches back of dark, wine-stained tables were along each side of the rooms. Two Swiss sat over their pipes and two decies of cloudy new wine next to the stove.

The boys took off their jackets and sat against the wall on the other side of the stove. A voice in the next room cross country snow singing and a girl in a blue apron came in through the door to see what they wanted to drink.

I like any of it.

Cross Country Snow - Wikipedia

Nick finally opened it. He loses control and crashes into a pile of soft snow.

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He and George continue down the mountain, cross country snow several times to comment on the terrain. When they arrive at the base of the run, they walk to an inn for a drink.

When they arrive at cross country snow inn, they order a bottle of wine and notice that their waitress cross country snow pregnant although she does not appear to be married. Nick and George then discuss their lives: They regret that they will have to give up their ski trips and discuss that perhaps they will return to ski once again sometime in the future.