Un confortement par gainage et mise en œuvre de voile de contreventement est ' COULAGE DES MASSIFS POUR POTEAUX MÉTALLIQUES'. On peut caractériser l'importance d'un séisme part son Intensité et sa Magnitude Pourquoi les séismes sont t-ils si dévastateurs? Défense incendie: rayon de protection de m autour des poteaux incendie Les village de Baïgorry: l'affirmation et le confortement des pôles d'accueil.


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In the second part of the thesis, a theoretical investigation of the inversion of ellipticity curves shows which parts of an ellipticity curve carry confortement des poteaux important information on the soil structure and by which means the inversion can be disambiguated.

The developed inversion scheme is then tested on real data measurements obtained at 14 different European sites.


The azimuthal energy repartition between the different wave types is investigated and the confortement des poteaux dispersion curves as well as the Rayleigh wave ellipticity curve are estimated.

This study outlines the importance of diffracted surface waves in the recorded wave field. The modeling of SVGM and confortement des poteaux understanding of its influence on the dam's response are necessary so as design codes start to incorporate its effects in their provisions.

This study presents a measure and a profound investigation of SVGM at the dam-foundation rock interface of an arch dam.

Recherche Avancée

In-situ measurements are confortement des poteaux to quantify SVGM and numerical simulations to deeper understand the particular physical phenomena that contribute to SVGM at the interface, i.

The campaign was held in the framework of the present thesis.


The subset of events consists of low to moderate magnitude local and regional earthquakes. Thus, analysis is allowed in the linear range. Confortement des poteaux, dynamic analysis of the arch dam is conducted; the frequencies of confortement des poteaux, the damping coefficient and the crest amplification are estimated based on ambient noise and seismic records.

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Then, SVGM is quantified by means of phase and amplitude variability using coherency estimates and confortement des poteaux deviation of difference of Fourier amplitudes respectively. High variability is observed both in phase and amplitude at the dam-foundation rock interface.

Once the estimators of variability are obtained from the data, parametric models are fitted to them. Focus is given on two observations: These observations suggest that the presence of the structure along with the canyon topography increase SVGM.

This increase though seems to be small given that the observations are satisfactory fitted by parametric models confortement des poteaux on data coming from flat seismic arrays. Although both features are found to increase SVGM, their impact remains secondary. Globally used to confortement des poteaux seismic hazard and risk at regional and confortement des poteaux scales.

We therefore review the methods available in the literature to obtain the seismic hazard curve at the surface of a soft soil site, starting with the simplest and most generic methods partially probabilisticup to the full site-specific methods partially and fully probabilisticrequiring an excellent site-specific characterization, rarely available except exceptional cases such as the case of Euroseistest site.

It is precisely on the example of this site that are compared a number of these methods, as well as a new one.

Calaméo - Annexes Compte administratif Ville de Saint-Étienne

And it is precisely at the Euroseistest that we performed an example of application of the different methods as well as a new one that we propose as a result of this work. The specificity and difficulty of these "site-specific" PSHA studies comes confortement des poteaux the non-linear nature of the response of the soft sites, as well as from the fact that the reference rock controlling this response is often confortement des poteaux rigid.

The "rock to hard rock adjustment" and "convolution" aspects of the rock seismic hazard, together with the amplification function or the transfer function empirical or numerical of a site are therefore the subject of particular attention in these studies. This comparative study is divided into two parts: The second deals with two approaches taking into account the convolution of rock hazard and the site response in a probabilistically way.

One of the major results of the first is the confortement des poteaux of the epistemic uncertainty on the soft site hazard compared to the rock hazard, due to acumulation of uncertainties associated to each step.


Another major common result to both studies is the very important impact of non-linearity on soft sites, as well as the complexity on how to account for them: