Sydney's big train change will see some services actually slow down This is great news for commuters on the T1 Western line in and around. Posts about Timetable written by Bambul Shakibaei. These new stations are mostly in Sydney´s West: the T1 Western Line, T2 Leppington Line .. system operates, including the end to CityRail, the creation of Sydney Trains/NSW TrainLink. T8 Airport & South Line: Macarthur to City via Airport or Sydenham. Services departing Macarthur from


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An additional train services will be introduced in Sydney. By simplifying the way the lines operate it will create additional capacity and reliability for customers.

Sydney Trains: Timetable change will make certain commutes longer

Parramatta passengers will also get direct access to the inner west for the first time to places such as Newtown, Petersham and Summer Hill. Cityrail western line timetable Western and Richmond lines[ edit ] Main articles: Electrification from Riverstone to Richmond opened in August North Shore Line[ edit ] Main article: The line was extended to the Sydney Harbour foreshore at Milsons Point in Transport between this original Milsons Point station and central Sydney was by ferry boat.

The line was electrified in Why frequency matters This blog has argued the merits of high frequency networks before see: A network of high frequency public cityrail western line timetable services, buses as well as trains, with easy interchanges between them, allow for a much greater level of mobility for its users.

The big increase in the 15 minute turn up and go network is to be commended. This will go a long way to improving access to the Sydney CBD.

Winners and losers: all change in rail revamp

cityrail western line timetable But for users wanting to make a transfer at an interchange, be it catching a bus to their local station or changing trains at an outer suburban station, a 15 minute frequency is just too long.

As it turns out, 27 stations in and near the city currently do; reaching Chatswood, Bondi Junction, Wolli Creek, and Strathfield.

Most of these have gaps between train services of no more than 10 minutes, with the best service levels seen on the City Circle for anyone travelling through it on a clockwise direction of a train every 6 minutes or less all day.

But there is still scope for improvement that requires little to no additional spending cityrail western line timetable operating costs. On the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra line, there will be two more trains an hour cityrail western line timetable Bondi Junction for the city during the weekday peak.

It includes an extra one an hour leaving Cronulla for the city. But there are big changes to the frequency of services to some stops on the Illawarra line.

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For instance, there are dramatically fewer trains cityrail western line timetable at Kogarah, used by students at local schools, businesses and St George Hospital. This will make it impossible to get a direct service from the Cronulla or Waterfall line to or from Kogarah.


A departmental spokesman acknowledged this was the intent. At Arncliffe there will be at least an extra two trains an hour in the morning, and two an hour in the afternoon peak.

The timetable revives more services on the Cumberland line, which runs north-south in western Sydney.