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Discussion Manual small incision cataract surgery is not merely a surgical technique; ir is the consequence of a worldwide need10, especially to increase the volume of low-cost cataract surgery in developing countries.

Clearly in Argentina ir is necessary to take steps in this regard. While we do not cirugia de cataratas the cost of blindness in Argentina, there is data concerning the high socio-economic costs that visual disabilities imply, as shown in the Australian study.

Procedimientos alternativos a una cirugía refractiva

Cirugia de cataratas data from that study to calculare the costs of blindness, we must convince the authorities, and ourselves as ophthalmologists, that investment in campaigns for the prevention of blindness cirugia de cataratas important, and that ir is more costly to have a blind person than to carry out surgery.

This proposal is one that must be discussed at institutional and national levels.


In Argentina we have a blindness prevention committee, and a national blindness prevention program11 that had cirugia de cataratas goal of 20, cataract surgeries for the target population in the year Although ir is known that the CSR was per million population inthere are as yet no statistics available on how many cataracts have been operated on under this plan and if the rate has risen cirugia de cataratas of the plan implementation or because of the growing of the privare sector.

But ir seems important to emphasize that at the national level there is an understanding of the need to stimulate the performance of cataract surgery.

But what each of us does as an individual, and the responsibility we have as ophthalmologists in regard to blindness in our country is also important. Here we have an inexpensive technique that does cirugia de cataratas require the investment in equipment or maintenance that phacoemulsification does, but which permits us to carry out high-volume surgery with comparable results.

Manual small incision surgery has the advantage of low costs and of the advantage of using of high quality but very inexpensive intraocular lenses. Fixed costs include opening of the operating theater, training, and the cost of personnel, but if with the MSICS technique we can operare on 20 patients instead of 10, we can cut fixed costs per patient cirugia de cataratas half, allowing us to offer them more accessible services.

As our performance improves, the operation becomes ever more profitable.

Pruebas médicas antes de una cirugía de ojo | Choosing Wisely

For example, one surgeon in India takes only about 5 minutes per surgery. Naturally that surgeon uses personnel specialized in the procedure and who have been assisting for years.

Currently there are approximately ophthalmologists per million population in Argentina providing an average of 18 operations per ophthalmologist per cirugia de cataratas.

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However, that does not tell us how many cataract surgeries each is performing. By knowing the cirugia de cataratas prevalence of blindness due to cataract as well as its incidence, we can calculate the needed CSR to eliminate cataract as cause of blindness over the coming years to meet the VISION goal.

Furthermore, the combination of data will determine how many surgical ophthalmologists will need to be recruited and trained in regard to cataract in addition to the cirugia de cataratas already performing surgery.

Información básica sobre cirugía de cataratas - All About Vision

In cirugia de cataratas interim, we can also encourage the community of ophthalmologists to perform more surgeries. For example, there may be insufficient awareness that there are people who need our services, and that there are enough cataract surgeons to meet the demand.

In cirugia de cataratas, the cirugia de cataratas of high-quality service at low cost will not be in competition with the demand for phacoemulsification that the private sector will continue to meet.

Working to promote community eye health and prevent blindness does not mean working for free. Patients who are blind due to cataract are still the ones who must take responsibility for their situation, but we must offer them a service that they can afford with the resources they possess.

Manual small incision cataract surgery, also called the Blumenthal technique, is not just a different surgical technique but the expression of a different ideology.

It is an effective and profitable means of reducing blindness due to cataract. The proposal is to bring differentiated services and surgery and a scale of fees adapted to the income level of the patient into the private sector, while achieving the same medical results, and also bringing the concept of high-volume surgery into public hospitals, since it is those hospitals that treat the lowest-income patients.

Hospital Metropolitano

A high percentage cirugia de cataratas the population has access to the National Institute of Social Services for Retired and Pensioned people PAMI system of medical assistance, and the proposed technique could be encouraged as a way for it to meet the surgical demand.

It would also be possible to promote achievement of our national prevention of blindness plan, which is committed to providing IOLs and supplies for performing cataract surgeries, perhaps while offering incentives to the members of the community of ophthalmologists not currently performing surgery to begin doing so, and asking them to take charge of the geographical area in which they work.

But we cannot carry out screening campaigns cirugia de cataratas we are not prepared to cover the surgical demand it causes, and so we must possess the tools and a health-care system that can remove the cataracts that are found.


In Argentina there are ophthalmologists per million inhabitants, and this means we have the human resources to increase our cataract surgery tate. Si usted decide operarse, su oculista cirugia de cataratas enviarlo a un cirujano especialista para extraer la catarata.