Arredamento e mobili a Verona: vieni a scoprire le soluzioni di design marchiate Galvan Mobili. il nuovo polo del design italiano nato dalla collaborazione con Federlegno Arredo Eventi (FLA) dove presenta il suo primo showroom monobrand del Paese. Leggi la nostra storia, scarica i nostri catalogi, dai un occhiata ai nostri mobili e ai nostri parquet. Puoi anche contattarci via email o telefono! Cataloghi.


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Acoustic comfort, together with potential for equipment and customisation, are wedded to a practically ideal styling, thanks to solutions that are steeped cataloghi arredamento innovation.


Discover all products Partitions Tecno was the first company in its sector to tackle the Internet of things, creating a system of furnishings interconnected with the environment which, thanks to a series of incorporated sensors, activate functions designed for the user and send information cataloghi arredamento real-time cataloghi arredamento allow resource cataloghi arredamento.

In its long history, the Milan Triennale has always followed developments in the field of applied arts; from the thirties to the post-war years, during the reconstruction years and the country's economic miracle and later during the economic and energy crisis of the seventies.

Since the eighties, Milan has increasingly become an international centre of design.

The Triennale played a leading role in organizing important qualitative events that have enhanced the city's image.

Last but not least, the foundation of the Museum of Design. The objects cataloghi arredamento Italian Design on show in this exhibition cataloghi arredamento been selected from the Permanent Collection, a unique qualitative and quantative ensemble of Italy's design legacy.

The Permanent Collection is used as a basis for all exhibits on Italian Design at the Triennale or around the world: The cataloghi arredamento in the Collection illustrate the heterogeneous history cataloghi arredamento Italian design, the innovation and experimentation that have made it famous and immediately recognisable thanks to the works created by its master designers.

Italy is a country with a thriving manufacturing industry that focuses on quality design and products: