The Price of Salt has a long history of identity crises. When she first published the book in as The Price of Salt, author Patricia Highsmith used a. Carol [Patricia Highsmith] on *FREE* shipping on The author – known as a suspense writer following the publication of her previous book. Carol. By: Patricia Highsmith Media of Carol. See larger image This is a book that is hard to set aside; it demands to be read late into the night with eyes.


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The Price of Salt - Wikipedia

They are being followed. Their conversations are being listened into. Everything they do is carol book patricia highsmith reported, and can be used against Carol in court. Therese and Carol arrange to meet again. Therese, still hurt that Carol abandoned her in a hopeless attempt to maintain a relationship with Rindy, declines Carol's invitation to live with her.

They part, each headed for a different evening engagement. Therese, after a brief flirtation with an English actress that leaves her ashamed, quickly reviews her relationships —"loneliness swept over her like a rushing wind"— and goes to find Carol, who greets her more eagerly than ever before.

Background[ edit ] According to Highsmith, the novel was inspired by a blonde woman in a mink coat [b] who ordered a doll from her while Highsmith was working as a temporary sales clerk in the toy section of Bloomingdale's in New York City during Christmas season of With the same thoughtful air, she purchased a doll, one of two or three I had shown her, and I wrote her name and address on the receipt, because the carol book patricia highsmith was to be delivered to an adjacent state.


It was a routine transaction, the woman paid and departed. But I felt odd and swimmy in the head, near to fainting, yet at the same time uplifted, as if I had carol book patricia highsmith a vision.

As usual, I went home after work to my apartment, where I lived alone. That evening I wrote out an idea, a plot, a carol book patricia highsmith about the blondish and elegant woman in the fur coat.

They fall in love and set out across the United States, ensnared by society's confines and the imminent disapproval of others, yet propelled by their infatuation. She plundered these objects of her desire extravagantly in her 22 novels and carol book patricia highsmith of short stories.

Carol: the women behind Patricia Highsmith's lesbian novel | Books | The Guardian

Not one glance, not one feminine gesture or foible of any one of her many girlfriends was ever wasted, but only once — and spectacularly — did she write openly about lesbianism. In Highsmith, barely 30, perhaps startled by the wayward success of her carol book patricia highsmith novel Carol book patricia highsmith on a Train conferring instant stardom when the Hitchcock movie followed a year laterhad good reason to be edgy about the reception The Price of Salt would receive.

She also admitted a specific inspiration: A lot of them I answered, but I could not answer them all without a form letter, which I never arranged.

My young protagonist Therese may appear a shrinking violet in my book, but those were the days when gay bars were a dark door somewhere in Manhattan, where people wanting to go to a certain bar got off the subway a station before or after the convenient one, lest they be suspected of being homosexual.

The appeal of The Price of Salt was that it had a happy ending for carol book patricia highsmith two main characters, or at least they were going to try to have a future together.

Happily ever after, at last: Patricia Highsmith on the inspiration for Carol

Prior to this book, homosexuals male and female in American novels had had to pay for their deviation by cutting their wrists, drowning themselves in a swimming pool, or by switching to heterosexuality so it was statedor by collapsing — alone and miserable and shunned — into carol book patricia highsmith depression equal to hell.

Carol book patricia highsmith I remember, there were as many letters from men as from women, which I considered a good omen for my book.

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This turned out to be true. I never wrote another book like this. My next book was The Blunderer.