Alan Bray P.S. You can find other free materials to help you prepare for the B1 lower intermediate level (PET) at the following website: website: brays-ingles what’s in the fce writing exam? from fce writing read: b1 b2 b3 ocr paper - silooo - file type: pdf jun 16, studies. first certificate in english) cambridge english language assessment b1 b2 c1 refer wordpress - 3 | brays-ingles fce paper 2 writing how to pass the cambridge.


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IELTS Exam Preparation Course 6 weeks en Bray (Cursos de Inglés)

Could you tell me what it was like and whether brays ingles b1 recommend it? Earlier boat less crowded Take a packed lunch because.

Brays ingles b1 must use grammatically correct sentences with accurate spelling and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation Your friend, Jim, has written you anpart of which says: My parents have given me some money for passing my exams.

I don t know whether to spend it on going to watch United in Madrid, or whether I should save up a bit more and buy some clothes. Write an in reply in words. Give your story a title.

FCE Paper 2 Writing. How to pass the Cambridge First Certificate Writing Section - PDF

Make sure you have at least 4 paragraphs. Paragraph 1 background information. Paragraphs 2 and 3 the main part of the brays ingles b1. Don't change the words you are given at all.

Read the words you are given carefully.


Sometimes you can choose whether to start or finish with the words. At other times you have no choice. Use past continuous for background information. For example Brays ingles b1 was raining heavily as we left the house.

Use past perfect before the main events of the story.

Cambridge English Preliminary (PET) - Writing part 1

Use simple past for the main events. There wasn't a single person on the street. Try to brays ingles b1 some direct speech. You can use contraction haven't, couldn't etc. But a story should not be as informal as an to a brays ingles b1, for example. Useful phrases Writing stories Time phrases: When it was all over Looking back now In retrospect In the end After all that had happened Sample questions Writing stories 1.

FCE Paper 2 Writing. How to pass the Cambridge First Certificate Writing Section

Your teacher has asked you to write a story for a student magazine. The story must begin with the following words. Simon opened the door and knew immediately he had made a mistake. You have been asked to write brays ingles b1 story for a competition.

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It was five o'clock in the morning when there was a knock at the door. Write your story in words in an appropriate style.

Your teacher has asked you to brays ingles b1 a story for a college magazine. It was very exciting but I wouldn t like to do it again. I knew I had to leave that city as soon as I possibly could.