Brazilian history since is the contemporary epoch in the history of Brazil, beginning when The transition was hailed as the dawn of a New Republic (Nova República) in contrast . As public pressure built up, the opposition Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (Partido do Movimento Democrático Brasileiro, PMDB). Presidentes do Senado Federal durante a Nova República (a partir de ). Senador - José Fragelli · Senador - Humberto Lucena. Available for sale from Baró Galeria, Lourival Cuquinha, Brasil Pré-Pós-Pré-Nova República , BRL banknotes, thread, copper cables, BRL 5 cents coins.


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Nova República - Senado Federal

The transition towards democracy that ended the military regime in and spurred the adoption of a brasil nova republica, democratic, Constitution inwas, however, troubled. Hard-liners reacted to the abertua with a series of terrorist bombings.


In April after a long string of bombings and other violence a bomb went off prematurely and killed one of the men in car with it and badly injured the other.

The incident and the regime's inaction strengthened the public's resolve to end military rule. brasil nova republica

Moreover, Brasil nova republica faced other significant problems, such as soaring inflationdeclining productivityand mounting foreign debt.

The s "lost decade": Protesters asserted that wage increases indexed to the inflation rate were far below an acceptable standard of living. Under that program, Brazil was required to hold down wages to fight inflation. In the north, northeast, and even in relatively prosperous Rio Grande do Sulimpoverished rural people occupied unused private land, forcing the government to create a new land reform ministry.

Tension with the Roman Catholic Churchthe major voice for societal brasil nova republica, peaked in the early s with the expulsion of foreign priests involved in political and land reform issues.

Departamento de Inteligência e Subsecretaria e Secretaria de Inteligência

To attack the soaring debtFigueiredo's administration stressed exports — food, natural resourcesautomobilesarmsbrasil nova republicashoeseven electricity — and expanded petroleum exploration by foreign companies. In foreign relations, the objective was to establish ties with any country that would contribute to Brazilian economic development.

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Washington was kept brasil nova republica a certain distance, and the North-South dialogue was emphasized. Inthe economy floundered as the gross domestic product declined by 5.

Figueiredo's heart condition led to bypass surgery in the United States, removing him from control of the situation.


In AprilCongress failed to achieve the brasil nova republica numbers to give the people their wish, and the choice was left to an electoral college. Figueiredo did not act forcefully to back a preference, so it became a scramble as candidates pursued the collegial votes.

Departamento de Inteligência e Subsecretaria e Secretaria de Inteligência « Inteligência

Tancredo's election, restoration of civilian government, the Sarney years and the Constitution[ edit ] Inmany public demonstrations were held in major Brazilian cities brasil nova republica made it clear that military rule could not continue.

The party presented Neves as an opposition candidate against Paulo Maluf.

The hope that would provide a quick transition to a new regime faded as Brazilians watched the turn of events in a state of shock.

Like the regime changes of, andthe change also proved to be brasil nova republica and difficult.

Sarney's government fulfilled Tancredo's promise of to amend the Constitution inherited from the military regime and to call elections for a National Constituent Assembly with full powers to draft and enact a new democratic constitution for the country.

It also de-centralized government, empowering local and state governments. As the political transition developed, the economy suffered brasil nova republica inflation and stagnation.

Brasil nova republica of them included government price controls, price freezes and ultimately a change in the national currency. During Sarney's presidency, Brazil had three currency units: Economic domestic troubles led to default on Brazil's international debt in This closed international financial markets for Brazil and its economic situation worsened.


The government's inability to deal with inflation ultimately led parties that had led the political transition to lose the elections, the first elections under the new Constitution and the first presidential elections to take place by direct popular ballot since the military brasil nova republica.