SUTURE BIOSYN 5/0 13MM (SM) BOX/12 - Skin Closures, Biosyn - Mcfarlane Medical Equipment (Holdings) Pty Ltd. The likelihood that wound closure will leave suture tracks depends upon a variety of Differences in Caprosyn, Biosyn, Polysorb, Novafil and Surgipro Sutures. Glycolide-Trimethylene Carbonate Triblock Copolymer Suture (Biosyn®) Biosyn is a triblock copolymer, Glycomer from US Surgical (26). This block.


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Absorbable Sutures | Medtronic

Non-absorbable sutures are used for surface sutures; require manual removal post-operatively. Surgeons prefer to use biosyn suture smallest size that will provide adequate strength. The strength increases as the first digit decreases. Plasticity and Elasticity The ability to retain length and strength after stretch, and the ability to regain its original length after stretch, respectively.

To accommodate post-operative oedema without cutting into the tissue To maintain epidermal approximation once the oedema has biosyn suture.

Biosyn Suture , 26mm, 1/2C, 75cm (Box of 36) – DMS

biosyn suture Ease of handling and Knot security Determined by a number of related characteristics. A suture with a low coefficient of friction slides through tissue biosyn suture but the knot will unravel more easily.

biosyn suture A suture with a high memory will spring back to its original position. Biosyn suture these sutures tend to be strong, they may be difficult to handle and have decreased biosyn suture security.

A suture with high pliability can be easily bent, and will therefore handle well with good knot security. Multifilament vs Monofilament Multifilament braided sutures handle more easily and tie well, but can potentially harbour organisms between fibres leading to increased infection risk.

They should be avoided in contaminated wounds.


They also biosyn suture to have higher capillarity so can absorb and transfer fluid more easily biosyn suture potential for bacteria to enter from the skin surface. Monofilament sutures have a lower infection risk and a lower coefficient of friction, but with a lower ease of handling and knot security.

Absorbable Sutures

Tissue reactivity Refers to the degree biosyn suture inflammatory response to the suture. Higher for natural products such and silk and gut Lower for synthetic fibres such as nylon. Absorbable Sutures Surgical Gut Plain gut loses its strength in days and is completely digested by 60 days.

It is seldom used now due to poor strength and high tissue reactivity due to proteolytic enzyme degradation rather than hydrolysis. When compared with Vicryl, Biosyn is stronger and has greater knot security.

Maxon Biosyn suture composition of Maxon is a co-polymer of glycolic acid and trimethylene carbonate monofilament. Maxon has greater memory compared with PDS which gives it poor handling characteristics.

Maxon biosyn suture excellent knot performance. Polypropylene is very strong but has less knot strength when compared with sutures such as PDS.


Polypropylene has good handling characteristics and is very resistant to degradation. Nylon Nylon is a monofilament polyamide-based suture. Nylon is second to polypropylene in biosyn suture.

Despite classification biosyn suture a non-absorbable suture, nylon is susceptible to degradation. In reality no single biosyn suture fulfils all these criteria in every circumstance.

All subjects received 2-cm vertical dermal and subdermal incisions on their backs under sterile and proper surgical conditions.