Gyaneshwari Bhavartha Deepika Ch 9. Swami Paramananda; 7 videos; views; Last updated on Jan 8, Play all. Share. Loading Save. This is also known as Bhavartha Deepika. Through the medium of Dnyaneshwari, the divine knowledge trapped in Sanskrit was translated in the common man. BHAVAN'S BOOK UNIVERSITY. Shri Jnanadeva's. Bhavartha Dipika popularly known as. Jnaneshwari. Translated from Marathi by M.R. Yardi.


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Four children were born to the couple; Nivrutti inDnyaneshwar was bhavartha deepika at midnight on the eighth day of the waning moon in the Hindu month bhavartha deepika Shravan inSopan, in and Mukta in According to some scholars their birth years are,respectively.

Their grandparents were Govindpant and Meerabai.


Vitthal had abandoned bhavartha deepika wife and had wandered in search of becoming a Sanyasi but in order to fulfil his duty toward his wife, his teacher Ramanand Swami ordered Vitthal to return home to his family. Vitthal settled down in Alankapuri also known as Alandi.

Shri Jnandeva's Bhavartha Deepika or Jnaneshwari

The couple was excommunicated from the Brahmin caste as Vitthal had broken the law of accepting GrihasthAshram after SanyasAshram, which was not allowed since the latter was considered the last of the four Ashrams.

His four children too were ostracized from the society. It is believed that later Vitthal and Rukmini ended their lives by jumping into the waters at Prayag bhavartha deepika the river Ganga meets Yamuna hoping bhavartha deepika their children would be accepted into the society after their death.

Now, Nivrutti, their elder brother was like a parent to the bhavartha deepika younger children.

Wisdom's Blossoms: Tales of the Saints of India - Doug Glener, Sarat Komaragiri - Google Livros

Dnyaneshwar learnt and mastered the bhavartha deepika and various techniques of kundalini yoga, which is bhavartha deepika as the speciality of Nath cult, from Nivrutti.

The children moved to Nevase, a village in Ahmednagar district where Dnyaneshwar began his literary work. Nivrutti instructed Dnyaneshwar to write a commentary on Bhagvad Gita.

He used to give a discourse on Dnyaneshwari to select audiences. There were a few notable personalities in the audience like his contemporary saint Sant Namdev and many others from the Nath tradition.

It is believed that SacchidananandBaba wrote Dnyaneshwari during such discourses by Dnyaneshwar. This is also known as Bhavartha Bhavartha deepika. The Dnyaneshwari is considered to be one of the masterpieces of Marathi literature.

It is composed in bhavartha deepika meter called Ovi.

Bhagavata Bhavartha Deepika By Shridhar Swami II KECSS Photocopied Manuscript

At this juncture, a spiritually-acclaimed person came into her life to guide her in her quest. Popularly known as Udi Baba alias the Late Sri Manickam, he mentored Sunanda towards deep spirituality and contributed significantly to her progress in this path.

Sunanda had always been a motivational speaker and during her interactive sessions she came to understand bhavartha deepika for many devotees, devotion was superfluous and need-based. Through her personal interaction she strives to make Sai devotees realise that unwavering faith and unconditional surrender are the foundations to spirituality.

We only need to cleanse bhavartha deepika minds to realise the presence of Sai within bhavartha deepika. Taking her inspiration and guidance from the sacred text Shri Sai Satcharita and other related and trusted writings on the life and leelas of Sai Baba, the author seeks to empower Sai devotees with the contents of this book.