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Cause A virus called paramyxovirus. These viruses are of different types. Some are highly powerful and cause most severe form of the disease, others are moderate, while a certain group is avicultura caipira mildly harmful. Avicultura caipira addition, there are some viruses that cause infection without showing any symptoms.

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Virus spreads through the air. Infection occurs mainly through inhalation or ingestion.

Atlas Cor de doenças aviárias uma ajuda para os fazendeiros e os profissionais de...

Contaminated feed and water spread infection. Movements of people and equipment also spread infection. Avicultura caipira from the bird, that is, in the shed, virus survives for days to weeks.


However, in the dead bird or faeces, virus survives for several months. Symptoms Depending on the disease-producing power of the virus, symptoms vary. With very harmful viruses, first indication is sudden death.

Then, avicultura caipira such as depression, weakness, lying down, green diarrhoea, swelling of the face, and nervous signs may appear, ending in exhaustion and avicultura caipira Fig.

Alternativa de renda, galinha caipira é nova opção de negócio

Other signs include twisting of the neck, paralysis of legs and arched position of the body. In layers, early symptom is shell-less or soft-shelled eggs, followed by complete stoppage of laying.

Moderately harmful viruses usually cause severe respiratory avicultura caipira and respiratory avicultura caipira. In adult birds there is marked drop in egg production for several months.

Mildly harmful viruses may cause no disease, or only a mild respiratory distress. Pinpoint haemorrhages on avicultura caipira tips of glands in the proventriculus Fig. Enlarged and haemorrhagic caecal tonsils.

Haemorrhagic lesions in the intestinal wall in the lymphoid aggregates Fig. Spleen shows necrosis white spots of dead tissue on its outer surface, and also on the cut surface.

Marked congestion of trachea, often avicultura caipira haemorrhages.


The airsacs may be inflamed airsacculitis and appear cloudy and congested. Airsacs may even contain cheesy caseous material.

Alternativa de renda, galinha caipira é nova opção de negócio

From the characteristic postmortem findings. Treatment There is no treatment. However, under field conditions vaccination alone is not sufficient to control RD.

It must therefore be accompanied by good hygiene, good management, and good biosecurity practices. Ranikhet disease in a avicultura caipira grower chicken. Note the bird is depressed, its eyes are closed and the head avicultura caipira drooping.

Avicultura Caipira

Ranikhet disease in a day-old broiler chicken. Note the presence of haemorrhages avicultura caipira the tips of glands in the proventriculus. This is diagnostic of Ranikhet disease.