Even with his title, Foucault is being provocative, taking a given and turning it Foucault closes this section by introducing his concept of the "author function. Foucault originally proclaimed—or seemed to proclaim—the author's demise. . Foucault proposed to examine the author 'as a function of discourse', re-. Although Foucault was not a literary theorist, he, like Barthes, was a theorist of The system that produced the author function is a system of.


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The meaning and value attributed to the text depended upon this information. If by accident or design a text was presented anonymously, every effort was made to locate its author.

What does Foucault mean by "the author-function" in his essay "What Is an Author" ? | eNotes

Literary anonymity was of interest only as a puzzle to be author function foucault as, in our day, literary works are totally dominated by the sovereignty of the author.

Undoubtedly, these remarks are far too categorical. Criticism has been concerned for some time now with author function foucault of a text not fully dependent upon the notion of an individual creator; studies of genre or the analysis of recurring textual motifs and their variations from a norm other than author.


Furthermore, where in mathematics the author has become little more than a handy reference for a particular theorem or group of propositions, the reference to an author in biology or medicine, or to the date of his research has a substantially different bearing. This latter reference, more than simply indicating the source of information, attests to the "reliability" of the evidence, since it entails an appreciation author function foucault the techniques and experimental materials available at a given time and in a particular laboratory.

Today, we might focus on the importance of the author to copyright laws and charges of plagiarism. Author as author function foucault literary construction, connected to questions of literary merit. His argument on the relationship between discourse and an author bears great significance given he elaborates where this role is essential.

This function is crucial in different forms of writing which he specifies such as scientific, where the author functions author function foucault as a reference to work off of.

The writer has the role of the dead person involved in a game of writing.

Like Ann Radcliffe, who created the Gothic Novel which inspired a genre that continues to this day, like Karl Marx whose followers created Marxist theory, these individuals started discourses and disappeared into author function foucault discourse. The author is the principle of thrift in the proliferation of meaning.

As a result we must entirely reverse the traditional idea of the author.

Now, Foucault asks, why do you--why do most of us--assume that it's "natural" for Conkey's to classify books according to the names of their authors? While you're author function foucault over that one, think about this: What would happen to Oliver Twist if scholars were to discover that it hadn't been written author function foucault Charles Dickens?

Foucault, "Author Function"

Wouldn't most bookstores, and author function foucault most of us, feel that the novel would have to be reclassified in light of that discovery? Why should we feel that way?


After all, the words of the novel wouldn't have changed, would they? Foucault closes this section by introducing his concept of the "author function.

Michel Foucault: “What is an Author?”

Put another way, it's the thing that makes us want to know about the author of a poem--and never think of asking about the author of a commercial or a contract. The "author function" is linked to the legal system and arises as a result of author function foucault need to punish those responsible for transgressive statements.

The "author function" does not affect all texts in the same way. In contrast, works of art could gain acceptability author function foucault when they were attached to specific authors as creators.

This author function of modernity is still evident today. We know and select music and novels based on who wrote or performed them.