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Interdisciplinary Course on Corruption, Impunity and Governance 3 units This is an ateneo criminal law reviewer course that seeks to understand why the existing Philippine legal and policy frameworks on corruption fail to effectively address the prevalence of corruption in the country, entailing an exposure to the psychology and sociology of corruption in Philippine Society.


Although the curative and penal aspect of anticorruption measures will be discussed, focus will be given to the preventive aspect of combating corruption as well as the ill effects of corruption on the political, social, economic, and cultural life of the Ateneo criminal law reviewer nation.

Thus, the course will try to weave into one logical framework the different fields of study that will allow the students to appreciate the socio-cultural and legal dimensions involved in corruption and anti-corruption measures.

Street Law 3 units This course will provide law students a unique opportunity to enrich their own legal education while contributing to the education of high school ateneo criminal law reviewer and sectoral groups.

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Using the clinical method, an underlying principle of the clinic is the best way to learn is through teaching. The broad goals of the clinical program are: The clinical program works to achieve these goals through ateneo criminal law reviewer program of seminar, training and supervision.

First Year

Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts 3 units The course studies the rules of international law relating to the protection of non- combatants during armed conflicts, to the risks to individuals or groups not taking part in the hostilities and to largescale violations ateneo criminal law reviewer human rights.

The course will inquire into the means available under international law to prevent and to provide remedies for violations of the rules.


At appropriate stages of the course, the overlap with the human rights regime is taken into consideration. Case studies throughout the course will be taken from real conflict situations. Since the rules reflect not only humanitarian concerns but also political imperative and military necessities, the course will also ateneo criminal law reviewer how the rules could be improved.

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Refugee Law 3 units Armed conflict within and between states had given rise to the problem of exodus of people of different nationalities in order to avoid varied forms of persecution. Criminal Law I 3 units Legal Technique and Logic A course on the methods of reasoning, syllogisms, arguments and explanations, deductions, the truth table demonstrating invalidity and inconsistency, and propositional functions.

It also includes the logical organization of legal language and logical testing of judicial ateneo criminal law reviewer.

Ateneo Political Law Reviewer Political law reviewers for everday law students and bar examiners. Insurance Reviewer Ateneo Law School.

Philippine Law Reviewers

Ateneo criminal law reviewer the Ateneo Law School, Tax and Labor Law review classes shall be mandatory for all seniors this incoming school year.

Batch will be the largest batch. A contract wherein two or more persons bind themselves to contribute money,property, or industry to a common fund, withthe intention of dividing the profits.

Enrolment for Review Centers for Bar will start next week.