Gleanings in Joshua Paperback – June 1, Joshua, the capstone to the books of Moses and the foundation of those that follow, is an extremely important and fascinating study. This rich work by British Bible teacher Arthur Pink is a source book of spiritual nourishment. This rich work by Bible teacher Arthur Pink is a source book of spiritual nourishment. A very good complement to the book of Joshua. It has very in-depth and. Gleanings from Joshua by Arthur W. Pink.


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Introduction The Significance of Joshua "I am fearfully and wonderfully made: The reference there is to the physical arthur pink gleanings in joshua of man, which is the product of Omniscience. The Maker of man's body is the Author of the Word and each is alike "wonderful", evidencing its Divine source.

Gleanings In Joshua by Arthur W. Pink

The human body is made up of two halves; two arms and legs, two eyes and ears, two lungs and kidneys etc. Each is a living organism: Each of those members is necessary to arthur pink gleanings in joshua completeness to the others, and the cutting off of one results in mutilation to the whole.

Each of those members has its own function to fulfill and each book in the Scriptures makes its own separate contribution to the sum of Divine revelation.

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As each physical member is fitted for discharging its own distinctive office, so the substance of each book in the Bible is suited to its own special theme. As there is a real difference between both the texture arthur pink gleanings in joshua purpose of the eye and the ear, so there is between the contents and leading subjects of any two books in the Word.

The analogies drawn between the living and physical body of man and the living and holy Word of God might be considerably extended. The design and functions of some members of our bodies are self-evident even to the layman.

Gleanings in Joshua - Logos Bible Software

But there are others arthur pink gleanings in joshua are understood only by a trained physician. In like manner, the purpose and purpose arthur pink gleanings in joshua some of the books of the Bible is more or less apparent to the rank and file of God's people, but the special character and distinctive features of others is discerned only by the Spirit-qualified teacher.

That particular parallel may be extended still further: After all the centuries that have passed and all the attention that has been devoted to the human body and the Divine Word there yet remains an element of mystery about the one and the other, and only the blatant or the ignorant will deny it.

Now it should be evident that in approaching the study of one of the books of Scripture it must be of considerable help to the student if he can ascertain what is its main design and what is its outstanding topic.

As we pointed out in these pages over twenty years ago, in our Introduction to Exodus now out of printeach book in the Bible has a prominent and dominant theme which, as such, is peculiar to itself, around which everything is made to center and of which all the details are but the amplification.

What that leading subject may be, we should make it our arthur pink gleanings in joshua to prayerfully and diligently ascertain. This can best be discovered by reading and re-reading the book under review, noting carefully any particular feature or expression which occurs frequently in it—such as "under the sun" in Ecclesiastes or arthur pink gleanings in joshua righteousness of God" in Romans.


If other students before us have published the results of their labors it is our bounden duty to closely examine their findings in the light of Holy Writ, and either verify or disprove. Before pointing out the peculiar character and dominant subject of Joshua, let us briefly state that of the books preceding.

Genesis is obviously the book of beginnings. Considered arthur pink gleanings in joshua there is a three-fold beginning recorded: Viewed doctrinally, it illustrates, as might be expected, the foundation-truth of election, for our salvation began in God's eternal purpose.

Thus we see here that Noah alone of the antediluvians "found grace in the eyes of the Lord" Genesis 6: Here we see God singling out Abram to be the father of the chosen Nation.


Here we behold God appointing Joseph from the twelve sons of Jacob to arthur pink gleanings in joshua the honored instrument of saving arthur pink gleanings in joshua all from the famine. The same principle appears again in the passing by of Joseph's older son and bestowing the portion of the firstborn upon Ephraim Genesis Historically the book of Exodus treats of the deliverance and departure of the Hebrews out of Egypt, but doctrinally its theme is clearly that of redemption.

That is just what the spiritual mind would expect, for it is by means of the redemptive work of Christ that the Father's eternal purpose is made good.