RPG Item: Aramis: The Traveller Adventure» Forums» Reviews · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. There are no messages in this forum. Front Page. We will start with Character Generation here in this thread. Mongoose Traveller 1e is OGL, so this is mostly what I will be using and we won't. a sandbox-like environment in the form of the Aramis subsector of the The Traveller Adventure does make a few assumptions at its start.


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Roll characteristics and determine characteristic modifiers.


You cannot choose a career you have already left. Roll to qualify for that career. If you qualify for that career, go to Step 4.

Aramis: The Traveller Adventure

If you do not qualify for that career, then you can go to the Draft or enter the Drifter career. The Draft can put you back into a career you have been forced to leave, at your aramis the traveller adventure rank.

You can only apply for the Draft once.

If this is your first time on this career, get your basic training. Choose aramis the traveller adventure specialization for this career.

Choose one of the Skills and Training tables for this career and roll on it. Roll for survival on this career. If you succeed, go to Step 7.

The Traveller Adventure

Initially, there's no pressing need to acquire a better drive, but, as the adventure unfolds, that situation changes and the PCs must somehow acquire the funds needed to get a better drive, thereby providing them with a reason to take advantage of certain opportunities that come their way. The central conflict of The Traveller Adventure concerns the efforts of a high-level megacorporate officer to get rich by illegal means.

The PCs inadvertently become thorns in his side when they make the acquaintance of a Vargr a wolf-like alien species who himself has run afoul of agents of the same megacorporation. Should the characters help the Vargr -- aramis the traveller adventure they don't, the campaign ends before it begins -- they'll slowly become enmeshed in a conspiracy aramis the traveller adventure spans many worlds of the subsector and involves them in both megacorporate and political maneuverings they never suspected.

Along the way, they'll visit many unique planets, interact with dozens of NPCs, and generally explore a small corner of the Third Imperium in great detail. The Traveller Adventure is not flawless. Often the main thread of the adventure requires that the PCs go in a certain direction to continue and, while Miller and company are to be commended for not forcing particular actions through railroad-y situations, there is a danger that, in the hands of an inexperienced referee, the whole structure could collapse in on itself.

On the other hand, The Traveller Adventure is a very fun adventure that rather nicely aramis the traveller adventure what Traveller is all about.


The Traveller Adventure takes readers on an excursion into the universe of the far future. The scene is set with the introduction of the ship and its crew; included are complete descriptions of their skills and abilities.